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Sweet Magnolias Fans: Season 3 Has Wrapped Up Filming-Here’s When It Might Be Released

Alright, Sweet Magnolia fans can we all agree we’ve waited long enough for Season 3?! We finally have details on when we’ll get our Serenity fix in 2023.

Without totally giving away any spoilers for those of you who haven’t gotten through the first two seasons I can just tell you I finished a week or so ago and I’m still picking my jaw up off the ground. I was literally left saying “they can’t leave me on the edge like this.” It was so many things happening at once and I have a million questions so hearing Season 3 is on the heels of this last season puts my anxious heart to ease.

Sweet Magnolias is the dramatic fairytale story we all secretly dream of and also have nightmares about. Reba standout, Joanna Garcia Swisher, who you might remember more as Cheyenne from Reba, and Chris Klein from all of the American Pie movies stars as a popular couple in the town who fall into scandal after Chris has an affair and gets his mistress pregnant (also his office assistant) Britney Spears little sister, Jaime Lynn Spears.

It is always scary and exciting when new people join a series you are investing in. You’re not necessarily sure if you’ll love or hate them right!? The cast of Sweet Magnolia will change saying goodbye to some and HELLO to others. They finished filming in late 2022 and left us with this little nugget;

And that’s a wrap on Season 3! Thank you to everyone who contributed to Serenity this year. And to everyone who’s waiting: It’ll be worth the wait. Promise. 🌸 photo by @sheryljanderson pic.twitter.com/oyoV1GZRsa

— Sweet Magnolias Writers (@swtmagnoliaroom) October 21, 2022
A trailer has not been released for Season 3 but I think we are all waiting with great anticipation. Rumor has it things should be heating up in Serenity just in time for warmer weather.

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