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Netflix’s One Piece Will Share New Look “Very Soon”

In the world of anime, there are few series that claim the same fame of One Piece. Eiichiro Oda began work on the story decades ago, and with more than a 1,000 episodes to its name, One Piece rules the shonen genre. Soon, the IP will tackle live-action media with help from Netflix, and one of its executives says a new look at One Piece is just upon the horizon.

The update comes from Matt Owens himself, one of the executive producers on One Piece alongside Steven Maeda. The creative took part in a YouTube event with One Piece super-fans called Reverie XI. And during the get together, Owens had this to say about One Piece:

“I know it has been a minute since we’ve revealed anything, but you will have something new to see very soon.”

So, there you have it. Netflix has content coming for One Piece, and fans are eager to embrace whatever the show wants to share. After all, very little information has been released about One Piece since filming finished in August 2022. Plenty of work has been going down with post-production, and of course, the creator of One Piece is giving his seal of approval on everything. So when he’s good with the product, you can bet Netflix will be ready to out our first full look at its live-action adaptation.


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