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Netflix chief fails to convince fans on ‘cancelled shows’ order

Netflix’s CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters reacted to fans fury over recent shows cancelled by the streamer.

During an interview with Bloomberg, Sarandos maintained that the streamer has “never canceled a successful show.”

“A lot of these shows were well-intended but talk to a very small audience on a very big budget.

The key to it is you have to be able to talk to a small audience on a small budget and a large audience at a large budget. If you do that well, you can do that forever.”

The CEO gave South Korean hit Squid Game success as an example.

“It is very rare that a show like Squid Game from Korea would be as global as it was,” he said. “Within 30 hours, the world was watching Squid Game with no human intervention to try to market Squid Game to the world.”

“We’re just getting started to make Squid Game not an unusual thing, but basically something that happens literally every week,” Peters added.

Meanwhile, viewers are irked by recently canceled shows, including the fantasy drama Warrior Nun, the animated sitcom Inside Job, the German period sci-fi 1899, and the horror series Resident Evil.

Fans took to Twitter to react to the latest statement by the streamer boss.

One user wrote, “Its scary to think that netflix would have definitely cancelled Breaking Bad after 2 seasons. Wondering how many great potential shows we lost.”


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