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Marvel: The Punisher to collide with Daredevil, Moon Knight, and more

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What happens now that The Punisher has killed Marvel Comics’ God of War and continues to run the Hand? Daredevil, Wolverine, Captain America, and more are coming after him.

When The Punisher joined the Hand, it was to lead them. The Archpriestess of The Hand did whatever she could to keep their new leader happy. Among them was resurrecting his wife Maria. As long as Frank was happy, he’d continue to lead the Hand’s ninja assassins. The more he did for them, the closer he’d be to becoming The Beast.

Along the way, Frank was attacked by the God of War, Ares. Their first fight ended with Punisher almost dying. The second one didn’t go the way Ares thought it would. The Punisher killed Ares by converting a mystical knife into bullets. That, combined with Frank’s new superpowers awarded by being a servant of The Beast, resulted in Ares being killed.

Before he died, Ares smiled. He was proud of his former avatar. Before the God of War could get the words out, though, Frank Castle shot him. When he went back, the former servants of Ares bowed to their new Lord of War, The Punisher.

After the fight, The Archpriestess thought that she’d be met with open arms. She was mistaken. The Hand ninjas stopped her to make way for Frank’s wife, Maria Castle. She wasn’t afraid of him. In fact, she said that she loved him more than ever. Maria said that Frank was born to war, but he chose her.

Everything may seem like it’s going great for Frank, but he’s unaware of what’s going on in New York. Daredevil, Wolverine, Moon Knight, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, and Captain America have decided that something needs to be done about Frank Castle. These are some of Marvel’s elite heroes. Considering that The Punisher has the Hand ninjas and an army of Ares’ followers behind him, they’re right to be concerned. This could become the war to end Punisher’s journey.


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