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Loki Season 2: New Details on Kang Villain Role Revealed (Rumor)

New rumored details about Loki Season 2’s Kang the Conqueror have been revealed. This latest news follows a prior claim that Jonathan Majors will be playing “multiple Kang variants” in Loki’s second season on Disney+. While Marvel audiences are only weeks away from seeing Majors’ debut as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Phase 5 threequel is only the beginning of his 2023 Kang cameos. And now, thanks to this new description, the MCU faithful have an idea of just who one of his Kang Variants could be and why he’s on a time-traveling shopping spree.

New Details on Loki Season 2’s Kang
Industry insider Daniel Richtman shared additional new information about one of Loki Season 2’s Kang variants. On his Patreon, Richtman revealed that a Kang variant is “an inventor in the past” who’s looking to “buy stuff from people to affect the future:”One variant of Kang in ‘Loki’ Season 2 is an inventor in the past wanting to buy stuff from people to affect the future and Loki is trying to stop him When a Patreon user questioned Richtman as to whether this variant is Victor Timely, a version of Kang from the comics, Daniel responded, saying: I don’t know [if] it’s him for sure but it is likely him. For reference, Victor Timely is a variant of Nathaniel Richards or “Prime Kang” who, after having been defeated by the Avengers, travels back in time to 1901 and forms the town of Timely, later known as Chronopolis.


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