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Is a new episode of Chicago PD on tonight? (January 25)

Chicago PD has got us on the edge of our seat. Is Sean O’Neal (Jefferson White) going to continue to play mind games with Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) like some sort of Windy City Hannibal Lecter? Is Upton gearing up to divorce Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) since he seems to have stopped talking to her? There’s a lot to unpack over the last couple of episodes, and certainly more to unpack during the second half of season 10. That said, fans will have to wait a few weeks before the next chapter in the saga. Instead of a new episode on Wednesday, Jan. 25, there will be a rerun of an earlier season 10 episode. It’s common practice for NBC to air an episode from earlier in the season when they are waiting on new ones.

When will a new episode of Chicago PD air?
There’s been a little bit of confusion as to when Chicago PD and the rest of the One Chicago titles will return. While the promos that were attached to the end of last week’s episodes confirmed the return dates to be Feb. 8, NBC has since delayed things by an additional week. This means that there won’t be a new episode of PD until Wednesday, Feb. 15. If the promo is anything to go by, though, it will be worth the wait. That’s the literal message that’s conveyed to the viewer through the graphic text, and the clips we see from the episode, including shootouts and a moment where Voight (Jason Beghe) stands over a tombstone, seem to affirm it. The Halstead stuff will no doubt linger over the rest of season 10, especially given how abrupt his actions have been toward Upton. Hopefully we get more light shed on their relationship in addition to whatever case the IU take on.


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