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Cobra Kai Ending With Season 6 Is Perfect Timing

Cobra Kai season 6 is officially the end of the show, and it comes at the perfect time. The Karate Kid franchise has become as popular as ever in recent years thanks to the launch of the sequel show. It was not until Cobra Kai moved to Netflix that its popularity skyrocketed, making it one of the streaming service’s biggest hits. Understandably, much of the focus has been on Karate Kid’s future as a result of the success and speculation about where the franchise could go in future seasons of Cobra Kai and other potential spinoff shows. However, thoughts about when the sequel series could end have persisted.

It has now been confirmed that Cobra Kai is ending with season 6, which is set to be the biggest season of the show to date. Based on the season 5 finale and where it left the main characters, a journey to the Sekai Takai is in store as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence attempt to guide their students to a world championship. The creators have confirmed that they are ending the show on their terms, meaning it will not join the list of surprise Netflix cancelations. As reassuring as this is, there is another factor that makes Cobra Kai season 6 the perfect end.

Cobra Kai Season 6 Ends The Show Before The New Karate Kid Movie
Cobra kai season 6 miguel daniel and johnny
Details on Cobra Kai season 6 are still relatively sparse, but the odds are that the show will now end before Sony’s new Karate Kid movie releases. Sony has announced plans for the new Karate Kid movie to debut in theaters in the summer of 2024. No official release date has been given for season 6, but the official renewal in early 2023 points to the likelihood that the final season will get underway shortly. The show has turned around a new season in about a year before, so Cobra Kai season 6 could release as soon as late 2023.

If Cobra Kai ends in late 2023 or even early 2024, that guarantees that there will be no overlap between the two different Karate Kid stories. This will help both of the projects stand apart and have their own windows to be at the forefront of the audience’s minds. Cobra Kai ending with season 6 before the new Karate Kid movie releases in theaters gives viewers a chance to binge the final season and reflect on the experience. They will then be able to dive into a new story connected to the Karate Kid franchise in some capacity next summer.

Is The New Karate Kid Movie Replacing Cobra Kai?
Karate kid movie reboot Cobra Kai
The timing of Cobra Kai ending the show and a new Karate Kid movie being developed is quite unique. The two properties do not share creative teams, but the new film is expected to connect to the original franchise, just like Cobra Kai has done. It would appear that the Karate Kid movie is going to play a part in replacing Cobra Kai in some way. The show ending means there will be a gap in content connected to the revitalized property, so Sony does not want the renewed interest in Karate Kid to dwindle by not releasing new movies or shows.

The Karate Kid movie can take over as the main focus of the franchise, but the Cobra Kai universe is not disappearing. It has been teased that multiple other Karate Kid spinoff shows set in the Miyagi-verse are in development. These could be direct spinoffs from Cobra Kai featuring some of the new characters established in the series or following the lives of familiar faces who came back. In either case, Cobra Kai season 6 ending the show just opens the door for new possibilities.


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