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Below Deck’s Fraser Olender ‘Glad’ He Fired Camille Lamb

Chief steward Fraser Olender has no regrets about sacking Camille Lamb from Below Deck. Fans witnessed Camille’s firing during Below Deck’s latest episode. Fraser told Camille that getting rid of her was the right decision after she caused too many issues on the boat. In addition, Camille exhibited a bad attitude and poor work ethic. Captain Sandy Yawn spoke to Camille about her attitude, after which she improved, impressing the captain. However, things went bad again for Camille, who fought with Alissa Humber in front of charter guests and was also caught drinking on the job. Camille’s drinking was the last straw for Fraser, who fired her after Captain Sandy empowered him to do so.

Although Camille’s firing was warranted, there could be opposition to it. However, Below Deck’s Fraser Olender, who carried it out, has no second thoughts about his actions. In a chat with ET, Fraser reflected on firing Camille and said he loves her as a person. However, he noted that she wasn’t helping even as the crew was going through a huge transition after losing Captain Lee Rosbach. Also, getting used to Captain Sandy’s management style meant a lot was going on. Fraser also said, “Truth be told, she was just making everything harder when it was just so unnecessary. So yeah, it’s a shame. But I’m glad I made that exact decision, and I’m glad that Captain Sandy sort of gave me the ultimatum to make that decision.”

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Fraser Teases More Below Deck Drama After Camille’s Firing
Below Deck Season 3 Cast shot at sunset
Fraser also reacted to assertions that Camille shouldn’t have lasted as long as she did on the boat, given her history of causing issues. He explained that it wasn’t his choice to fire her before now as he had no executive power over it. However, when Sandy gave him the ultimatum, it kicked him into gear because he knew the latter was firing people, and he could be at risk of getting fired. Camille’s firing means fans will miss her antics for the rest of Below Deck season 10. However, Fraser revealed that there is much to look out for this season. He teased, “I always remember this season back as Camille not even being the drama. There’s a lot to come. I’m a bit worried about it, but there’s a h*** of a lot of coming our way, and if people thought Camille was a big deal, then they’ve got a whole a lot of surprises.”

Fraser firing Camille was expected and didn’t surprise anyone. However, Fraser did well to explain why he sacked her and show he stood by his decision. Camille’s actions were becoming worrisome and could have eventually led to more disciplinary issues on the boat if it wasn’t nipped in the bud. Hopefully, Camille will learn from the experience and behave better if and when she gets another job opportunity. However, it doesn’t look that way now, as she has already voiced her displeasure with her firing, calling out the narrative created for her.

Meanwhile, Fraser’s teaser that Camille’s firing is only the tip of the iceberg regarding what goes down in Below Deck Season 10 is good news for fans. Although Camille exhibited some annoying behavior, her antics were part of what made Below Deck interesting. In her absence, it is great to know that there will be many more interesting things to watch. The Below Deck crew is set to move on from Camille’s firing. The coming weeks promise to be very eventful.


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