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All 8 Villains Teased For The Flash Season 9

Numerous Arrowverse villains have been teased for The Flash’s final season. Apparently, a smaller episode count will mean very little when it comes to the number of threats Barry will be dealing with when the series returns. The season may be significantly shorter than usual, but Team Flash will still have their fair share of villains to take care of in 2023.

Over the course of eight years, The CW has found room in The Flash for dozens of villains from Barry Allen’s comic book rogues’ gallery. At this point, he’s gone up against nearly every notable adversary of his comic counterpart. Even so, plans for The Flash season 9 prove that there’s still a few left for the series to tackle before it ends. In addition to its new characters, the show will also incorporate enemies from Barry’s past. Here’s all eight villains expected to appear in The Flash season 9 and what to expect from their roles.

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8 Goldface
Played by Damion Poitier, Goldface is a recurring villain and the boyfriend of Katee Sackhoff’s Amunet Black in The Flash. The extent of his role hasn’t been confirmed, but a shot in the trailer confirmed his involvement. Since The Flash season 9 synopsis mentioned the formation of a new team of Rogues, it’s not impossible that the metahuman gangster will wind up becoming a member. He was arrested in season 8, meaning that he might be in Iron Heights when he’s seen again.

7 Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue
Though the trailer made no mention of him, Cobalt Blue is in a good position to finally join the series. In fact, he was the first villain teased for season 9. In the season 8 finale’s post-credits scene, a blue crystal was shown in a lab in 2049. It’s no secret that this mysterious crystal is meant to be the live-action interpretation of Cobalt Blue’s talisman, the object that grants him his powers in DC Comics. Curiously, the crystal’s reveal came on the heels of characters discussing the inevitable scenario where the Negative Speed Force picks a replacement for Reverse-Flash. By all indications, The Flash is gearing up to make the Arrowverse’s Cobalt Blue the new Negative Speed Force avatar and possibly one of season 9’s big bads. In the source material, Cobalt Blue is an ancestor of Eobard Thawne and the secret half-brother of Barry Allen who becomes jealous of the Flash’s happiness.

6 Murmur
The Flash Murmur season 9 trailer
Glimpsed at the 0:22 mark is a villain known as Murmur. Identified in the trailer by his mask, Murmur a.k.a Michael Amar is a serial killer who cut out of his tongue and sewed his mouth shut after being sent to Iron Heights. Following his escape, he battled the Flash and joined DC Comics’ Rogues team. The Arrowverse offered a loose interpretation of this story in Arrow season 3 with its take on Michael Amar. Presumably, The Flash’s version will be a new, post-Crisis incarnation of the villain and a potential recruit for season 9’s Rogues team.

5 Pied Piper

In The Flash season 9 trailer, Barry was seen talking to Pied Piper, one of the first metahuman villains encountered by Team Flash in the series. Armed with his sonic scream ability, Pied Piper has the potential to be a dangerous foe, albeit not a truly evil one. In his last appearance, Pied Piper was in a good place, as Team Flash had just saved his boyfriend. But his comment about having nothing left to live for in the trailer indicates that his situation has since taken a devastating turn. If that’s true, Barry and Hartley may be back on opposite sides in season 9.

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4 Captain Boomerang
Flash Arrow Captain Boomerang
Similar to the situation with Murmur, The Flash will reimagine another Arrow villain when it brings a new Captain Boomerang into the picture. In the comic books, Digger Harkness a.k.a. Captain Boomerang has a reputation as a major antagonist to the Flash, although the Arrowverse version was primarily a foe of Oliver Queen. Several after Harkness’ death on Lian Yu in Arrow season 5, the Arrowverse will introduce Richard Harmon’s Owen Mercer, Harkness’ successor in DC Comics. According to The CW, the second Captain Boomerang is a “dangerous and violent threat to Central City.”

3 Gorilla Grodd
The Flash season 2 – Gorilla Grodd
In the beginning of the trailer, a mysterious growl could be heard as Barry woke up from an apparent nightmare. Immediately afterward, Grant Gustin’s character was shown talking to an unseen figure in a forest. Looking up, he said, “I need your help to save your world.” How this moment is framed gives the impression that The Flash season 9 is bringing back Gorilla Grodd. And judging by the tease in the trailer, the two may actually work together. Gorilla Grood is an iconic Flash villain and a key member of his Arrowverse’s rogues’ gallery, so it’s only fitting that the character come back for at least one more appearance before the show’s conclusion. And if it’s true that Barry needs him to “save the world,” the super-powered gorilla may be integral to the plot, as opposed to a single-episode guest character.

2 Red Death
The Flash vs Red Death
In The Flash season 5, a recording from the future name-dropped Red Death.In an alternate timeline in the DC Universe, Batman endeavored to become a better superhero by stealing the Speed Force from Barry. After fusing with the hero, Bruce Wayne transformed into a villain known as Red Death. The Flash’s reference to the character implied that at some point in Barry’s Arrowverse future, he too would have to go up against an evil Dark Knight. But after season 8’s “Armageddon” event mentioned a female speedster called the “Lady in Red,” it was postulated that the Arrowverse’s Red Death in fact was in fact someone other than Bruce Wayne.

Set photos and recent casting news reveal that not only is Red Death coming to Central City in The Flash season 9, but the character will be none other than Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder. The Batwoman actress was spotted wearing a Red Death costume in set photos. Plus, Leslie’s return to the Arrowverse for The Flash’s last season has officially been reported. Details on how she’ll become Red Death are under wraps for now, but chances are she’ll be a future version of the Arrowverse’s Batwoman. If so, she may steal the Speed Force of her Earth’s Barry Allen before coming to blows with Team Flash.

1 Bloodwork
The Flash: Ramsey Rosso becomes Bloodwork
Ramsey Russo, one of the two villains of The Flash season 6, will return in season 9’s ninth episode where he’ll be appearing alongside Wally West, John Diggle, and Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen. The character was still in ARGUS custody when he was on the show, but he since escaped in a canon Arrowverse comic. It’s possible that season 9 will see the villain attempt to get revenge on Team Flash, but how his story will involve the other three heroes remains to be seen.


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