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Yellowstone star exposes real-life inspiration behind Sarah as she teases Jamie betrayal

Sarah Atwood has been working hand-in-hand with Jamie Dutton to sabotage his father’s governorship in the latest season of the stunning modern Western drama.

The fifth season of Yellowstone is currently on its mid-season break, but the epic crime drama remains just as popular as ever after half a decade on screens. When the hit Paramount Network series returns, Sarah Atwood (played by Dawn Olivieri) could have some tricks up her sleeve for Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) despite their partnership to take down his father’s empire.

Yellowstone newcomer Olivieri has revealed Sarah’s transactional relationship with Jamie is drawn from her own experience. Throughout the fifth season, the right-hand woman of Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) has quite literally gotten into bed with the Duttons to divide their family from the inside.

Although Jamie knows full well she has been using him for her own personal gain, the disloyal Dutton has been sleeping with his competitor with the hope she’ll eventually make him the new governor. Everything seems to be going according to plan so far, but Jamie has walked himself right into a minefield which could go off at any moment. I am playing the most beautiful melody and the softest tune on my flute as I can so I can get that snake to come right up out of the basket,” Olivieri explained to TV Guide. “That’s what I want.”

For now, it’s still unclear if Sarah is totally in the pocket of Market Equities or whether she has her own agenda with Jamie. Once her new lover is governor, she could turn against both Jamie and Caroline and launch her own attack on the ranch once she determines which option would be the most profitable. On the other hand, their relationship does appear to be genuine from where Jamie’s standing at this point in the series.

For now, Sarah’s plan involves Jamie becoming governor and reinstituting Market Equities’ plans to construct an airport which, according to the actress, reflects a number of Olivieri’s past relationships. I’ve lived this reality in my actual life where I’ve done this to guys,” she told ET. I will use my experience and my grasp on a mental landscape and I will construct a scaffolding, maybe, of thought that allows them to climb up there and see life, see their situation differently.

“But the second that they need to take a step, it topples, because I built it, not him.” Olivieri’s insight definitely spells trouble for Jamie down the line if their relationship follows the actress’s experiences. While he seems fully committed to their salacious plans, Sarah may have ensured their relationship is a secret so as to twist the knife even further when it eventually becomes time to double-cross him.

Sarah still has Jamie in the palm of his hand where viewers last left the series, but time will tell how their dynamic evolves once they begin their attack on his father, John Dutton (Kevin Costner). I’m just doing it the same way I would do it in real life with a man,” Olivieri added. If he has a desire and I have a desire, I’m going to merge those two and see if we can both get what we want. But who’s to say what happens here? For now, Olivieri admitted she’s keeping her “poker face” on, but all will be revealed once Yellowstone returns over the summer.


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