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The Winchesters Made A Small Supernatural Item WAY More Important

One seemingly innocuous Supernatural item has been given extreme importance thanks to The Winchesters. As the Supernatural prequel continues to develop, more connections have been drawn between the two series. While certain callbacks may seem inconsequential on the surface, The Winchesters can also give old Supernatural elements a new life with strong symbolism.

One running theme throughout Supernatural has been overcoming difficult paternal relationships. Both Sam and Dean have tempestuous, yet very different, relationships with John Winchester, spurred on by feelings of inadequacy and abandonment. This disconnect is intergenerational, as John’s father disappeared when he was a young boy, marring his memories of Henry. John and Henry were never able to reunite in Supernatural, though John would eventually, temporarily, learn that his father died protecting his grandsons against Abaddon after time traveling brought him to the present day.

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The Winchesters Made Supernatural’s Music Box More Important
Henry Winchester in The Winchesters
In dissecting John and Henry’s relationship, The Winchesters brings back John’s music box, which plays the tune “As Time Goes By.” John’s music box was first mentioned in Supernatural season 8, episode 12, also called “As Time Goes By,” in a flashback of Henry Winchester and a young John. In The Winchesters episode 7, “Reflections,” John uses the music box to summon his father’s ghost, allowing the pair to talk one final time. What was once an insignificant trinket has now been elevated to a vital object in the Winchester family story.

John’s music box serves mostly as a thematic touch in Supernatural season 8, with Henry whistling the tune as he stands against Abaddon, bringing a small trace of his son with him to battle. In The Winchesters, however, the item carries a much greater significance. It serves as the emotional bridge that allows John and Henry to both find a degree of closure – a bridge that could only work due to the significance of the item being used in the spell. The Winchesters takes a Supernatural idea and builds upon it perfectly.

Supernatural’s Music Box May Not Be The Same One
A photo of a young Henry Winchester and John Winchester in Supernatural
With so many canonical differences between The Winchesters and Supernatural, there have been theories that the two series exist within different universes. This would explain the various changes between timelines, including John meeting Henry’s ghost and the discrepancies in John’s hunting career. If this is the case, then the music boxes in Supernatural and The Winchesters could be two different boxes entirely. However, they would represent a commonality between parallel universes, and could possibly contain the key to explaining the connection between the two worlds.

The Winchesters’ music box gifted John Winchester the closure that Supernatural was never able to. The music box has become a symbol of the connection between father and son, serving as a tether between John and Henry – a tether strong enough that it could appear in multiple Supernatural universes. By bringing back the music box and reuniting John and Henry, The Winchesters made the music box much more than a simple object.

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