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The Umbrella Academy Already Set Up Viktor’s Powers Returning

The Umbrella Academy season 3 ended with the Hargreeves siblings losing their abilities, but the series has already set up the perfect way for them to get their powers back, and it all starts with Viktor. Adapted from the comic book series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, The Umbrella Academy will end after season 4. The series has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows after its 2019 premiere, introducing viewers to the Hargreeves family, comprised of seven adopted children born simultaneously under mysterious circumstances and who possess remarkable super-human powers.

Viewers have followed the family’s time-traveling and world-ending antics over three seasons, with season 3 culminating in their reaching a rebuilt universe under the control of Sir. Reginald Hargreeves, the Academy’s adoptive father, but without their abilities. The Umbrella Academy season 4 is set to start filming in February 2023, so speculation is rising about what stories will unfold now that the Hargreeves’ are regular humans, with many assuming that they’ll somehow manage to reacquire their powers. Previous The Umbrella Academy seasons might have already laid the foundations for how this could come to fruition.

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How Harlan Can Bring Back EVERY Character’s Powers
the umbrella academys hargreeves siblings fighting in the 1960s
After the Hargreeves’ find themselves in 1960s Dallas during The Umbrella Academy season 2, Viktor saves a young boy, Harlan, from drowning by unknowingly transferring some of his power into the boy. Harlan’s fate is left a mystery until season 3, which introduces an older version of the character, played by Callum Keith Rennie. In season 3’s new timeline, Harlan reveals that an outburst of his power accidentally killed the Umbrella Academy’s biological mothers, meaning they would never have been born, so their existence in that timeline caused the universe-ending Kugelblitz.

While this is a devastating realization for the Hargreeves siblings, it does provide The Umbrella Academy with the perfect way to bring back the family’s abilities. Season 3 proves that Harlan is connected to each of the children born at noon on October 1, 1989, meaning he could be the catalyst for the Hargreeves’ to get their powers back. It’s expected that each of the Hargreeves siblings will see the return of their abilities in The Umbrella Academy season 4, but it should be Viktor who gets his powers back first.

Why Viktor Getting His Powers Back First Makes Sense
viktor using his power in the umbrella academy
In the final scene of season 3, the siblings find themselves in a new reality after the Kugelblitz destroys The Umbrella Academy’s Sparrow timeline. Seemingly freed from their duties as heroes, and their allegiances to each other, the siblings part ways, though Viktor stresses that they should stick together to solve the mystery rather than accept their fate. Despite being the cause of much devastation throughout The Umbrella Academy, Viktor has often been shown to be the heart of the family. He perhaps deserves to have his powers restored before anyone else.

Another significant reason for Viktor to get his powers back first is his connection to Harlan. Harlan receives his powers from Viktor in a moment that proves that abilities can be transferred, so if Harlan still exists in the new universe, it would be possible for him to gift back Viktor’s powers. The Umbrella Academy season four is set to be an epic story, so the Hargreeves siblings must see their powers restored.


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