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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

When Gun Interactive revealed The Texas Chain Saw Massacre last year, I was underwhelmed by its short teaser but excited about its potential. It’s one of my favorite horror movie franchises, partly because of how much it still scares me – every good haunted house has a Leatherface at the end that chases you out to the exit, right? – but also because of its backdrop: Texas. Horror, be it movies or games, typically draws attention to dreary atmospheres, spooky ambiance, perhaps some bad weather, and nighttime. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre bucked that trend in the 1970s. After going hands-on with Gun Interactive’s upcoming asymmetrical 3v4 multiplayer game with the same name, I’m most impressed by how much the otherwise serene Texan farm works as a playground for escape attempts and murder.

Gun Interactive, formerly Gun Media, is perhaps best known for Friday the 13th: The Game, which it published for developer Illfonic. I loved Friday the 13th; it became the nightly hangout game for my friends and me. It’s home to some of my favorite gaming memories, like turning on a Tiny Tim song so campers would hear it through proximity chat as my Jason went in for the kill. However, some intellectual property rights issues held that game back from reaching its full potential, effectively ending its development save for regular maintenance. The rights holder of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre were big fans of Friday the 13th: The Game and were aware of the issues it encountered because they approached Gun Interactive with this game idea and the desire to let the studio lead the charge.


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