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The Equalizer Season 3 is not coming in January 2023

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by Alexandria Ingham 3 weeks ago Follow @aingham69
We’re certainly ready to see McCall and the team back in action, but that’s not happening for some time. When will The Equalizer Season 3 return?

A lot of shows are back this month. Most networks are bringing their shows back this week, but there are a few shows being held for the end of the month. Sadly, The Equalizer is not one that’s being held until later this month. It’s not coming back at all in January.

This isn’t too surprising when you consider what Sunday nights are like this time of year. We see a lot of on-off scheduling because of football and awards shows. It does make sense to hold shows back until February, although CBS is only doing that with the Queen Latifah series.

When will The Equalizer Season 3 return to CBS?
We do have some bad news right now, though. We don’t have a date for when the series is going to come back on the air. While CBS did announce January and some February return dates, The Equalizer was not on the list.

It’s worth noting that CBS didn’t confirm many dates for after the Super Bowl. Because of that, we’re suspecting that The Equalizer Season 3 will return on Sunday, Feb. 19. There doesn’t seem to be a reason to hold off bringing the show back around then.

At least we know this delay isn’t going to affect the renewal chances. The series has already been confirmed for Season 4 when it was renewed for two seasons back in May 2022. We’ll likely get that fourth season in fall 2023 considering how the series remains on of CBS’s best performers.


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