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New The Flash Movie Merchandise Reveals First Look At Dark Flash

New merchandise for The Flash movie reveals the first look at the Dark Flash. After being stuck in development since 2014, The Flash film is officially coming out in theaters this summer. Ezra Miller, who was cast as Barry Allen nearly a decade ago, has appeared in the DC Universe in several films. For their solo film, The Flash will focus on Barry trying to go back in time to change the past and be a loose Flashpoint adaptation. But by doing so, Barry will accidentally tap into the multiverse, which will bring in Michael Keaton’s Batman.

While a lot is known about The Flash movie, there have been little to no clues about who the primary villain is in the story.

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As The Flash is getting closer to its release, details are slowly emerging about what is going on with the Andy Muschietti movie’s massive storyline. Shared by @DcversoMidias, new merchandise has come out for The Flash, revealing more looks at the characters of the film. While Keaton’s Batman and Miller’s Flash have been shown in photos, a new figure has emerged through the merchandise. The image sees the first look at a demonic-looking character named “Dark Flash.”

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Who Is Dark Flash (Black Flash) In DC
Black Flash on CW series
This is the first time that Dark Flash has been definitely spotted through any of The Flash movie’s marketing. In the comics, the Dark Flash, or Black Flash, has been used in different ways. The most popular version of Black Flash has a similar role to Death for speedsters when their time is up. It’s unknown at this point if this version of Dark Flash will serve that same purpose. In The Flash TV show, Hunter Zolomon, a.k.a. Zoom, became the Arrowverse version of Black Flash at the end of season 2.

There is one version of Dark Flash in the DC lore that is an alternative take on Wally West. Better known as “Walter,” Dark Flash came from an alternative timeline that took a gruesome turn after Linda Park died at the hands of Kobra. The Dark Flash could be a Barry from an alternative timeline in a parallel universe or the main DCU coming for the other Flashes. Even though Dark Flash is specifically pulled from Wally’s mythology, he currently doesn’t exist in the main DCU.

How The Flash Movie Is Making Dark Flash Different
Ezra Miller in The Flash movie
Time will tell how The Flash movie will tackle the Dark Flash through the DCU. The likeliest scenario is that this version of Dark Flash will be some variation of Barry. Whether he is from the main DCU Earth or an alternative universe is the most fascinating mystery. If The Flash film has Dark Flash function as Death, it will be intriguing to see why he is already coming for the Scarlet Speedster. It would seem as if The Flash movie is playing around with various concepts of the hero’s DC lore, which has already been explored in the TV show. As Miller’s movie gets closer to its summer release, time will tell who the Dark Flash is in The Flash.


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