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Is Picard & Crusher’s Season 3 Conflict About Wesley?

Star Trek: Picard season 3 will reunite Jean-Luc Picard with Dr. Beverly Crusher, with the pair enduring tension that could possibly relate to Beverly’s son, Wesley Crusher. While the final season of the series will bring back all the surviving senior staff from the Enterprise-D, Beverly may be the most anticipated return. While every other member of the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew has gotten at least a passing mention in Picard, nary a word has been said about Beverly, one of Picard’s oldest and dearest friends in the days of TNG.

Originally conceived of as a love interest for Picard, Beverly and the captain would eventually settle into a warm, loving, non-romantic relationship. Picard would serve as an important father figure to Beverly’s boy genius son, Wesley Crusher, who he even made an acting ensign on the Enterprise-D. Both Picard’s stars and producers have stated that Jean-Luc and Beverly have not seen each other in several years as Picard season 3 begins, and that the two will endure a conflict when they’re finally reunited. The subject of that conflict remains mysterious.

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Why Wesley Could Be The Source of Picard & Crusher’s Season 3 Conflict
Picard points a Wesley from Star Trek TNG
A longstanding fan theory in the early days of TNG was that Picard was secretly Wesley’s father. Famously uncomfortable around children, Picard took an immediate interest in Wesley when he boarded the Enterprise, even letting the teenager sit in his captain’s chair as he looked on somberly at Beverly. The reason for Picard’s interest in Wesley was established fairly quickly; he had been best friends with Wesley’s father, Jack Crusher, who served as Picard’s first officer aboard the USS Stargazer. Jack died on an away mission under Picard’s command, resulting in a deep guilt he would carry for the majority of his life.

Wesley eventually entered Starfleet Academy, but resigned before graduating in the TNG episode “Journey’s End,” joining the being known as the Traveler to explore higher planes of existence. Wesley re-emerged as a Traveler himself at the end of Picard season 2 to enlist Kore Soong into the organization he and the original Traveler were a part of, ensuring the timeline played out as it was intended to. Neither Picard nor Beverly were thrilled with Wesley’s decision to abandon Starfleet, but trusted him to understand his own path. However, it’s possible one or both of them had a change of heart in the intervening years.

Will Picard & Crusher End Up Together In Season 3?
Star Trek Sub Rosa Picard Beverly Crusher
While they never pursued a romantic relationship, there was an obvious attraction between Jean-Luc and Beverly. The alternate future glimpsed in the TNG series finale “All Good Things” even saw the pair married and divorced. The pair admitted their feelings for each other in the TNG episode “Attached,” but chose not to pursue a relationship to preserve their friendship.

Whether the pair still have romantic feelings for each other two decades later remains to be seen, but it’s a pretty safe bet. That potential romance could be complicated by Laris, the Romulan refugee who Picard seemed to initiate a relationship with at the end of Picard season 2. Star Trek: Picard season 3 figures to feature a plethora of emotional reunions, but none is as hotly anticipated as the one between Jean-Luc and Beverly.


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