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“He Is Unbelievable”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Turned Sylvester Stallone Red in Public, Revealing Unknown Side of Him in 2014

Friends for a long time, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone share a strong bond, both on and off the screen. Their classic from-enemies-to-friends story is well-renowned in Hollywood. Always up for busting each other’s chops, the two have always praised and respected each other. During the press conference for a movie in 2014, Schwarzenegger did exactly that, before revealing certain other talents of Stallone. He praised the star for his multi-talented personality, which the world knew very less about.

In June 2014, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, and other members of the cast were attending the press conference for their movie The Expendables 3. Schwarzenegger revealed certain skillsets of his friend Stallone, that weren’t very popularly known to the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sings praises of his friend Sylvester Stallone, amidst fun moments

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When these two behemoths share the stage, it always calls for an entertaining occasion. The press conference for The Expendables 3 was no different. Stallone started by talking about one movie by Schwarzenegger that he wish he had done—The Terminator. Afterward, a few jokes and banter aside, Schwarzenegger held the mic and shared a few anecdotes about his friend, Sylvester Stallone.

He said, “He is an extraordinary painter and I watched him paint and I have, of course, some of his paintings. He is unbelievable.” Just at this moment, Stallone was feeling slightly shy out of compliments. Schwarzenegger reassured him by saying, “Now you don’t have to act now kind of like ‘Shy’”. It was a beautiful moment of awkwardness and camaraderie blended together between the two who loathed each other throughout the 90s.

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He continued, “In Music, he is so talented, in producing, directing, writing, acting and so many… So multi-talented….. There are so many different subjects to talk about when we are not making a movie.” Schwarzenegger was full of praise for his best friend.


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