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Dragon Ball Super Gave Yamcha A Great Reason To Finally Catch Up

A decision made by Goku in Dragon Ball Super gives Yamcha a great reason to finally catch up with his fellow Z-Warriors in the next anime.

Ball Super gave Yamcha an excellent reason to finally catch up to the Z-Warriors. For years, the Desert Bandit has lagged behind his fellow Dragon Ball heroes. In fact, the gap between him and the others widened so considerably that he wasn’t even deemed relevant to the Tournament of Power story.

None of Dragon Ball’s Earthlings are powerful enough to make a real difference in a fight against a major villain, but a handful at least get opportunities to help in some capacity. In spite of being so much weaker than the Saiyans on the show, Tien, Krillin, and Master Roshi were all invited to participate in the Tournament of Power on behalf of Universe 7. Krillin was also on hand with the battle against the Red Ribbon Army in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Yamcha, on the other hand, hasn’t been in an onscreen fight since the end of Dragon Ball Z. Presumably, his lack of involvement in the action is due to the fact that he retired from fighting.

While it’s true that Yamcha took a noticeable step back from martial arts in Dragon Ball Z, that didn’t stop him from believing wholeheartedly that he’d get a spot on Goku’s team in the Tournament of Power. Of course, Yamcha’s wait for an invitation was in vain. Since the character was visibly enthusiastic about the possibility of being on the team, it shouldn’t be lost on him that not a single member of the Z-Warriors took the time to ask him. As a hero with a sizable ego, Goku turning to Tien, Master Roshi, and Krillin – but not him – this may have been a much-needed gut-punch for Yamcha.

Yamcha May Already Be Significantly Stronger When Dragon Ball Returns
Yamcha desperately needs motivation to resume some form of serious training, and Goku not selecting him for the Tournament of Power could easily serve that purpose in Dragon Ball’s future. If that’s true, Yamcha may already be significantly stronger when Dragon Ball returns. As Super Hero confirmed, two years have passed since Dragon Ball Super’s ending. What that means is that if being overlooked by Goku did inspire him to close the gap, Yamcha should have been training throughout that period. So when the next anime begins, Yamcha could be back on the same level as the other human Z-Warriors – if not even stronger.

Of course, there’s no expectation for Yamcha to ever become crucial to a Dragon Ball story again, but a substantial boost to power level could still justify him getting a supporting role similar to the ones enjoyed by characters like Krillin and Tien. If Dragon Ball Super really did put him in a position to make some significant gains, Yamcha has the potential to at least get his fair share of the action in the next anime.


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