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Doctor Strange Just Assembled an All-New Superhero Team To Take Out One of Their Own

Frank Castle has always been one of the Marvel Universe’s most dangerous characters. In Punisher #9 (by Jason Aaron, Jesus Saiz, Paul Azaceta, Matt Hollingsworth, and VC’s Cory Petit) he was referred to as “the most prolific mass murderer who’s ever lived.” So, that gives some idea of what he’s capable of.

Apparently, his new powers have worried enough heroes that they have banded together to put a stop to him. The issue concluded with Doctor Strange gathering Captain America, Black Widow, Moon Knight, and Wolverine in an effort to stop Punisher before he goes too far. The most concerning part is their response didn’t seem too extreme considering that the Punisher managed to kill a god.

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The Avengers Have Formed a Team to Take Down the Punisher
Punisher #9 picked up where it last left off, with Punisher leading the Hand into battle against Ares, the god of war, and his followers. The fight was as violent as anyone would expect, but during it, Punisher finally began manifesting the full power that the Hand believed he would wield as their prophesied “murder messiah”. In the end, Frank managed to kill Ares without too much difficulty. This presented a problem for a number of people. While Punisher’s current directives only have the Hand assassinating criminals, he has never been the most stable individual even at the best of times.

To people who know him, it must feel like a waiting game to see when the bomb finally goes off and Punisher turns his new power and army on the rest of the world. This is why Doctor Strange chose to form a team of heroes who are capable of fighting him. Captain America, Wolverine, Black Widow, and Moon Knight, all have some skill or area of expertise that could come in handy when dealing with the Punisher and his new powers. Above all else though, these heroes have one thing in common with Punisher: They are not afraid to kill someone if that is the only choice left to them.

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The Avengers Have Every Reason to Fear the Punisher
The Marvel Universe has experienced something like this before. The last time the Hand’s god got its clutches on one of their own it nearly destroyed Hell’s Kitchen and resulted in quite a few deaths. During the events of Shadowland (by Andy Diggle and Billy Tan) Daredevil was possessed by the entity the Hand worships “The Beast of the Hand” and became a violent tyrant who was slowly burning away Daredevil’s soul. The battle to defeat them nearly cost Daredevil his life and left the status quo of New York changed for some time.

However, that was an instance of possession. Punisher chose to join the Hand of his own free will, and by all accounts seems to be manifesting greater power as the Beast’s messiah rather than its unwitting pawn. As such, and given the Hand’s previous villainous history, it is only a matter of time before Punisher is corrupted by the power now coursing through him. To prevent the slaughter that would occur should he unleash the Beast on the world, these heroes have gathered together to stop the Punisher, and if necessary, to put him down.


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