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Chucky Season 3 announced

Chucky Season 3 is coming this fall! The Ginger Killer doll himself has just made the announcement that Chucky will return for a third season.After the conclusion of the second season, fans of the show have taken to the internet to urge Syfy and USA Network to renew the horror comedy.

His silence in the weeks after season 2 raised concerns that the show might be canceled. It has been teased that the next third season would be the most terrifying one ever. As a result, Chucky will have less comedic elements and will return to his horror roots.Season 2 had been a roller coaster ride. We had an innocent Chucky who became religious. A nun worshiping that said Chucky and the return of Glen and Glenda. The Highlight of the Season for me though is When Chucky killed the then WWE Smackdown Women’s champion got killed by Chucky.His recent feud with M3gan seemed like the best Clout for the killer Doll.As a result, it kept people talking about him even while they waited for the new season to begin. The death of Bella Higginbotham’s character, Nadine, in Season 2 was a source of disappointment for the fans. With Devon Sawa portraying each of the three separate roles. Therefore, he continues to return despite the fact that Chucky has already murdered him. According to this, there is a possibility that Bella will return, but not in her Nadine role.


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