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Captain America’s Most Iconic MCU Quote Was Stolen in Marvel Canon

Steve Rogers aka Captain America made his MCU debut in his origin story film Captain America: The First Avenger–a film that ended with Cap waking up in the modern day after being frozen in a block of ice since the ‘40s. Now a man out of time, Rogers struggled to find a place for himself–that is, until the world needed him and a team of other superheroes to defend the planet from an alien invasion. With that, the Avengers were born, and Captain America was their seasoned leader. In the latest Avengers film, Avengers: Endgame, every single Marvel superhero introduced in the MCU thus far was standing together against Thanos and his army, and right before they all charged into battle, Captain America said the iconic words, “Avengers assemble”. Cap uttering that battle cry was one of the most epic moments in MCU history, and that was mostly because of the weight the quote carried within the realm of Marvel Comics–though with one perceived change to the timestream, that would change forever.

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In Avengers #676 by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub, and Pepe Larraz, the Avengers–which, at this point, does not have a single founding member within its ranks–are gathered together discussing a mission, when Valerie Vector aka Voyager (aka daughter of the Grandmaster) stands up to speak. Before sharing her thoughts on the issue at hand, Voyager says that many of her fellow teammates may not even know who she is–to which everyone responds with shock and surprise. Every hero in the room, including the likes of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (who might as well have been founding members) stand up to refute that statement as they all recount her history with the team. The way these Avengers remember it, Voyager was a founding Avengers member herself. She is shown fighting Loki during the events of Avengers #1, battling Kang as the group did in Avengers #70, and–most importantly of all–uttering, for the first time, those iconic words that were originally said by Captain America in Avengers #16, “Avengers assemble!”.

Voyager Stole Captain America’s Avengers Battle Cry in the Minds of Marvel’s Heroes
Voyager stole Captain America’s line.
While this was revealed to be a trick of the mind and Voyager didn’t actually change the timeline to insert herself into the most impactful moments in Avengers history, she did alter the memory of those events within the minds of her fellow teammates–which is arguably just as bad. Something only happened because there is a general consensus of that thing happening, so altering everyone’s perception of events is just as effective as going back in time and changing them for real. What is more interesting, as well, is that these alterations Voyager made to the Avengers’ memories weren’t complete fabrications, but legitimate peaks into another universe. As explained in Voyager’s profile in The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Voyager didn’t create these false memories, she gave the Avengers memories of an entirely different timeline in the multiverse–Earth-17122, to be exact–where Voyager was actually a part of all those impactful moments in time, and where she did really say Captain America’s Avengers battle cry before he did.

So, in one timeline, Voyager simply was the most important Avenger ever–the one who was either at the center of, or directly responsible for every single pivotal moment of the team’s history–and Earth-616’s Voyager used her own variant’s success to make herself just as important in the main Marvel timeline, and in doing so, effectively stole Captain America’s most iconic MCU quote in Marvel Comics canon.


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