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10 ‘Ted Lasso’ Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Comedy television has rarely seen characters as colorful, engaging, and endearing as those of Ted Lasso. The Apple TV+ original show garnered a loyal legion of fans as soon as it came out, people who fell in love with its wholesome story and vibrant ensemble of characters.

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And of course, as with any idiosyncratic group of fictional characters, it’s always fun to theorize about which Hogwarts house they would end up in if they lived in the Harry Potteruniverse.

1 Sam Obisanya — Hufflepuff
Toheeb Jimoh as Sam Obisanya in
Image via AppleTV+
Sam, played by Toheeb Jimoh, is one of the characters in Ted Lasso who have been around since the pilot, and he slowly gained importance to the story until becoming a more prominent part than ever before in season two. Fans are all the happier for it.

The Sorting Hat would have no problem placing Sam in Gryffindor, as he has constantly proved his courage by standing up for what’s right. However, in the end of the day, Sam values kindness and love toward the people he cares about more than anything else, making him a perfect fit for Hufflepuff.

2 Keeley Jones — Gryffindor
Image via Apple TV+
Keeley, played with incredibly charisma by Juno Temple, is one of the most self-confident and outspoken characters in the entire show.

Playful, joyful, and an awful lot of fun, Keeley would no doubt get along well with the people of any Hogwarts house she got sorted into. However, bravery, honesty, and a lot of passion are her main traits. In Gryffindor is where her courage and bubbly attitude would shine the most.

3 Dr. Sharon Fieldstone — Ravenclaw
Ted Lasso’s team therapist doctor sharon sarah niles rides her bike before the accident
When she’s first brought on as AFC Richmond’s therapist, Dr. Sharon (Sarah Niles) proves to be cold and hard to pin down. But as she and Ted break down each other’s barriers throughout season 2, her pure heart comes out in the open.

Dr. Sharon is one of the most interesting characters in the show, and easily one of the most enigmatic. However, there are aspects of her personality that are present both on the surface and deep down: Her strong confidence, her thoughtful way of caring about people, and her incredible intelligence. Because of this, she would definitely appreciate being sorted into Ravenclaw.

4 Nate Shelley — Slytherin
Slytherins are generally associated with an aura of supreme confidence, but Nate Shelley (Nick Mohammed) proves that this isn’t always the case. He starts out as an insecure, mumbling locker room assistant; but as the story progresses, he slowly gains confidence and power—A dangerous combination with his deep insecurities.

Nate is driven by ambition and determination, and though he doesn’t always show it, he’s deeply cunning and a fearsome leader. From the looks of it, season 3 will see him show the darkest Slytherin traits that he has thus far.

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5 Rebecca Welton — Slytherin
Image via Apple TV+
Rebecca is played with impeccable elegance and charm by Hannah Waddingham. She’s far from a one-dimensional career woman: She’s motivated and friendly, though loneliness and a thirst for revenge are poisoning her heart, at least initially in season one.

Throughout the show, Rebecca consistently proves that she’d be a valuable addition to the Slytherin house. She’s driven and resourceful, and her powerful leadership skills help her make everyone in her surroundings succeed alongside her.

6 Leslie Higgins — Hufflepuff
man with sweater, party hat, and an uncomfortable expression
The presence of Jeremy Swift’s Higgins is one of the most purely pleasant of Ted Lasso. He struggles with being pushed around, which often leads to rather emotional scenes, but he’s incredibly loyal and supportive of his family and friends, which itself leads to some of the show’s most heartwarming moments.

Higgins is often the moral compass of the show’s characters, and one of the best at offering advice. He’s hard-working and pretty great at his job, and his undying dedication to his loved ones is admirable. For all of these reasons and more, it’s hard to picture the man in any other house than Hufflepuff.

7 Jamie Tartt — Slytherin
man in soccer stadium with training hoodie on
There’s hardly a clearer Slytherin in Ted Lasso than Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster), probably the most talented player of AFC Richmond. However, his raw potential can lead him to be cocky and conceited.

Jamie’s arc of growth is one of the most endearing of the show. There are many “arrogant guy learns humility” characters out there, but Jamie is one of the best written. His ambition, charisma, and motivation make him a perfect Slytherin, and an invaluable member of Richmond.

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8 Roy Kent — Gryffindor
Roy Kent walking on the pitch
Powerful midfielder turned outspoken sports commentator turned wise coach, Roy (Brett Goldstein, who also writes for the show) is one of Ted Lasso’s funniest characters, even though he’d hate to be called that.

Roy would probably also hate to be boxed into any of the Hogwarts houses, but the Sorting Hat would no doubt ignore his complaints and put him into Gryffindor. He’s confident, chivalrous, and the bravest and most honest member of the team. His bluntness sometimes gets him in trouble, but it’s also one of his biggest assets.

9 Coach Beard — Ravenclaw
soccer coach on the field, with sunglasses and a cap
Even after being the protagonist of his own episode (which is definitely the most bizarre of the whole show thus far), Coach Beard is still probably the most mysterious character in Ted Lasso, and also one of the most fun.

Beard is often a man of few words, valuing practicality, rationality, and pragmatism over anything else. He complements many of the things that Ted lacks, which makes them the killer duo that they are. He’s cultured and intelligent, and he would feel right at home among the smart people of Ravenclaw.

10 Ted Lasso — Hufflepuff
Jason Sudeikis in ‘Ted Lasso’
Image from Ted Lasso via Apple TV
The protagonist of the show, one of the most wholesome characters in television history, yet also surprisingly complex and with a beautifully accurate portrayal of mental health issues, Ted Lasso is a man that’s impossible to hate, which applies both within the story and for the members of the audience.

Hufflepuff has never had a member more Hufflepuff-y than Ted. He’s pure kindness, loyalty, hard work, and positivity. His loving heart manages to change the lives of everyone around him for the better, and as he slowly learns to give himself the same amount of importance and dedication, he becomes an even better and more likable protagonist.


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