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Timothée Chalamet is eaten by envy (filthy) in this spot on Apple TV +

Timothée Chalamet may be one of Hollywood’s hottest young talents right now, but there’s one blemish on his resume that promises to tarnish (and perhaps ruin) his blazing film career. The American actor is not (yet) part of Apple TV+ ‘s glittering roster of talent (and in a new ad for the apple company’s streaming video service, Chalamet can’t help but be eaten up with envy at his absence on this one ). platform). The interpreter of Calle Me By Your Name and Dune thus follows in the footsteps of Jon Hamm, who last year starred in a very similar spot for Apple TV+ (and lamented like Chalamet) for not having yet been signed by the streaming video platform of the company led by Tim Cook.

In the ad, which premiered this weekend on the other side of the pond during the “playoffs” of the National Football League (NFL), the good old Thimothée Chalamet becomes obsessed to unsuspected limits with the reasons why he does not It’s still on Apple TV+. During a screening of CODA , the Apple TV+ film that won the Best Picture Oscar last year, Chalamet sees his self-respect lacerated and has to remind himself (to bandage his bruised self-esteem) that in 2022 he appeared in two Oscar-nominated feature films.

Even so, the young actor cannot help but wonder why stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Selena Gómez star in productions on Apple TV+ and he has not yet had the honor of breaking through on this platform. The Little Women actor also looks with obvious envy at a billboard announcing the Emmy with which the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso was honored last year. “I can do television,” Chalamet tells himself (as if to protect his wounded pride). Thimothée Chalamet continues his dialogue with himself while watching series from Apple’s streaming video platform such as Severance and Blackbird .

The young performer also receives a call from his colleague Jason Momoa , who reveals (to Chalamet’s torment) that he is already filming a new series for Apple TV+: Chief of War .
Chalamet , who is definitely the rigor of misfortunes in the new Apple TV+, suffers another “stab” in his self-esteem when he sees that Martin Scorsese will premiere his next film, Killers of the Flower Moon , on the platform of the company of the apple. The ad, which is lavish in names of ambitious Apple TV+ productions, concludes with the beleaguered Thimothée Chalamet in pleading mode: “Hey Apple… call me” .

Although similar to the spot starring last year by Jon Hamm, the new Apple TV+ has its own personality and dives with a great sense of humor into the depths of Chalamet’s insecurities (interspersed with paranoia). The new Apple TV+ ad is signed by the agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab, the production company MJZ and the director Tom Kuntz. Beyond the television spot, the new Apple TV+ campaign includes actions in digital media and also on social networks such as TikTok (where ad hoc content will be launched ).


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