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New TMNT Game Could Use Villains Outside Of The 80s Cartoon

The TMNT universe is home to several interesting villains that would make for great video game boss battles – even outside of the beloved 80s show.

While recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games have pitted players against classic 80s villains like Shredder and Krang, there are plenty of other great enemies beyond this iconic setting. There has been no shortage of retro-style TMNT games over the past couple of years, with TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge recreating the colorful feel of the arcade side-scrollers of old to great effect last summer. After that, most of the classic TMNT games that inspired Shredder’s Revenge were rereleased as part of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection.

While it’s certainly fun to play through Shredder’s Revenge or The Cowabunga Collection as the wise-cracking, pizza-munching Heroes in a Half-Shell of the classic 1980s TMNT cartoon, it can be argued that TMNT games have become a little too dependent on this era. The TMNT franchise has seen plenty of new incarnations over the decades, from later cartoons to modern comics that put a brand-new spin on the mutant heroes and villains that fans have come to know and love. Drawing inspiration from other TMNT media could help keep the franchise fresh and address an ongoing problem with TMNT video game rosters by introducing new playable characters.

TMNT’s Villains Go Beyond Shredder & Krang
Aside from letting players control fan favorites like Jennika or Miyamoto Usagi, a new TMNT game could mix things up by including villains from more recent media. While the past handful of TMNT-based titles have been content with having players battle the likes of Shredder and Krang, a new AAA TMNT game could introduce mainstream gamers to IDW’s Old Hob or the 2003 series’ Dark Turtles. Even enemies that have already been included in past TMNT games, like Hun or Agent Bishop, could be brought back for a new TMNT game – especially since they haven’t been featured in the interactive medium in years.

Hun Leads TMNT’s Purple Dragon Gang
The Turtles have no shortage of human enemies, and one of the most interesting to crop up during the mid-2000s is the brutish Hun. Created for the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, Hun performs double duty as the leader of the Purple Dragons street gang and the Shredder’s lieutenant in the Foot Clan – and proves to be a major thorn in the Turtles’ side thanks to his incredible strength and ruthless cunning. Alternate versions of him have appeared in various Turtles media over the years, with the IDW comics re-imagining him as the father of unlockable TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge character Casey Jones.

Hun has already appeared as a boss in video game tie-ins for the 2003 and 2012 TMNT cartoons, but he is long overdue for an update in a modern, AAA TMNT video game. Given his connections to the various factions of New York City’s criminal underworld, Hun would slide naturally into the role of a boss – either as part of Shredder’s army or as the feared leader of the Foot Clan. His past with Casey Jones in multiple incarnations could lead to an intense narrative showdown – especially if the story takes IDW’s familial route to their relationship.

Old Hob Is Due For A Video Game Debut
The ongoing IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics have added plenty of memorable characters to the already bizarre TMNT universe, and one of the most intriguing and complex ones is Old Hob. Once an abandoned ally cat, Hob was exposed to the same mutagen as Splinter and the Turtles – and was transformed into a humanoid creature just like them. He initially sought revenge against the heroes for his lost eye, but eventually became an unlikely and uneasy ally after he formed the Mighty Mutanimals. However, his deep-rooted hatred for humanity eventually drove a wedge between him and his newfound friends – especially after he mutated a sizable portion of New York City with a mutagen bomb.

The resulting Mutant Town of the TMNT comics would make for an interesting change of setting for a new, possibly open-world TMNT video game, and Old Hob himself could take the place of classic TMNT foes like Shredder and Krang as the main antagonist. Like so many of IDW’s original characters, Hob has yet to appear in any other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles media – but his complicated motives and personal connection to the Turtles could make for a gripping game narrative. Additionally, his fearsome strength and agility, combined with his keen strategical mind and weapons skills, could lead to a challenging and entertaining boss battle for even the most seasoned TMNT gamer.

TMNT’s Dark Turtles Are An Underrated Threat
The 2003 cartoon’s Fast Forward storyline may have been lackluster, but it did introduce an interesting concept in the form of the Dark Turtles. These evil clones were created by the alien Sh’Okanabo and gifted to corrupt businessman Darrius Dunn to eliminate their heroic counterparts. While the Dark Turtles are far less intelligent than the original playable Turtle teens from TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge and other games, they are far stronger and featured unique weapons and skills that cement them as a twisted version of the mutant heroes players know.

Unfortunately, the Dark Turtles only appeared in a few episodes of the Fast Forward season, and their story was left unresolved due to the show being retooled once again. The Dark Turtles have yet to return in any TMNT media, but a new video game could remedy this and reimage the nightmarish quartet as a primary threat in the present day or in one of TMNT’s alternate timelines. The idea of the Turtles facing evil versions of themselves is a fascinating one, and could make for some fun mirror matches between the good Turtles and their demonic doppelgangers. They could even become an unlockable character skin after their eventual defeat, not unlike the Batman: Arkham series’ assortment of playable heroes.

Agent Bishop Is A More Human TMNT Villain
If Old Hob is the TMNT universe’s version of Magneto, then Agent John Bishop is William Stryker from the X-Men films. First appearing in the 2003 cartoon’s third season, Bishop is the head of the Earth Protection Force, a government black-ops unit dedicated to studying and combating extraterrestrial threats. Bishop is utterly ruthless in his goals and has often come into conflict with the Turtles throughout the series – even going as far as to try and dissect them alive in his debut arc. He would also appear in later seasons of the 2012 TMNT cartoon and the IDW comics.

Bishop has only been featured in a small handful of games based on the 2003 cartoon, but he has plenty of potential in a modern TMNT title. He often commands a sizable army of high-tech soldiers and even remote-controlled mutant clones – making him ideal as a major antagonist of a hypothetical TMNT video game if not the final boss. Getting to him would be a challenge enough, and Bishop himself is a skilled martial artist in most depictions – proving that in the world of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the most menacing foes are often the most human.


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