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‘New Amsterdam’ Leaving Netflix in Select Regions in February 2023

Countries like Australia and Canada are set to lose New Amsterdam.

Netflix is due to lose the hit-NBC medical drama series New Amsterdam in dozens of regions next month when it expires on February 15th, 2023, but what regions are affected, and why is it leaving? Let’s take a look. Having just wrapped up its fifth and final season run on NBC, Netflixers worldwide may have been hoping some of the newer seasons may soon come to Netflix. After all, most regions of Netflix have been streaming seasons 1 and 2 for quite some time.

Instead, we’re sad to say that Netflix is currently set to lose seasons 1 and 2 of New Amsterdam midway through February 2023. For those unfamiliar, New Amsterdam, created by David Schulner, is a medical drama series starring Ryan Eggold as Dr. Maximus “Max” Goodwin a new medical director bought in to help save the New Amsterdam Medical Center.

This removal does not apply to all regions, only those who have been streaming the show for some time. Here’s the list of confirmed regions currently seeing removal notices for New Amsterdam on Netflix courtesy of Unogs Netflix Australia Netflix Canada Colombia Argentina Malaysia Hong Kong Mexico Phillippines South Korea Thailand

Most European regions aren’t showing a removal notice except the United Kingdom, which is unavailable anyway. We must note at this point that its removal date is highly irregular and doesn’t seem to respond to when the show was added to Netflix in these regions. This could indicate that a short-term license is coming up for renewal, and Netflix may opt to renew and add additional seasons. However, with a removal date currently showing, we have to report it as a potential removal. Watch this space.

New Amsterdam is not leaving Netflix in the United States
One notable region NOT losing New Amsterdam in February 2023 is the United States. Those in the States received seasons 1 and 2 on January 1st, 2023, and as of the time of publishing is currently scheduled to receive “new seasons” on February 1st, 2023. It’s unclear whether it’ll be seasons 3 and 4 or seasons 3 through 5.


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