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Family Guy Gets Live-Action ’80s Sitcom Twist In Terrifying AI Video

Family Guy gets a live-action ’80s sitcom in a terrifying AI video depicting all of the show’s main characters, like Peter, Lois, and even Brian.

Family Guy gets a live-action ’80s-style twist by way of a terrifying AI video. One of the longest-running series on television, Seth MacFarlane’s adult animated sitcom premiered on Fox back in 1999 and features 400 episodes and counting, despite once getting canceled after only three seasons. It follows the Griffins, a family residing in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island. Displaying much of its humor through parodies and brief cutaways, Family Guy has a tendency to reference moments within both popular culture and the show itself, though some have called attention to its more offensive jokes. Its cast includes MacFarlane, who voices several characters, Alex Borstein, Mila Kunis, Seth Green, Arif Zahir, and Patrick Warburton.

Fans have often wondered about what the Griffin family would look like in live-action, and who would play each character. In a recent YouTube video, posted by SonUzumakilchigo, viewers see Family Guy realized as an ’80s sitcom through AI, but the depictions also left a frightening impression for some. The video portrays all of the Griffins, along with their house on Spooner Street, and neighbors Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland.

Will A Live-Action Family Guy Adaptation Ever Happen?
While it might seem like Family Guy has done it all, the series has yet to feature live-action versions of its characters, even for the purpose of a cutaway. That idea is something there has been interest in seeing, and it is a transition not many other animated shows could pull off. Rick and Morty’s live-action short, starring Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell, earned a positive response, but the program has not featured a full-length episode like that. When it comes to Family Guy, because the setting and a majority of its characters are realistic, a live-action adaptation appears more possible.

In the past, there have been live specials where viewers could see the cast read lines, but that was the extent of it. A Family Guy movie has been discussed for a while, with MacFarlane previously confirming that there were still plans for it. A feature-length film could allow the creator to tie in live-action scenes, but there are challenges involved in making real versions of some characters. In particular, Stewie’s head shape and vocabulary would make it hard to imagine him in live-action. For Brian though, talking dogs have been characters in fiction before, and MacFarlane’s Ted movies prove animation could be used alongside actors.

A live-action Family Guy would be an entertaining project, and it would be interesting to see if the voice actors appeared as their characters, considering MacFarlane plays multiple members of the Griffin family. The AI images, though strange to look at, give audiences an idea of how they could appear and how an all live-action film or series might be realized. Whether Peter and the others are imagined exactly like that remains to be seen, but audiences can hold out hope that Family Guy incorporates live-action sometime in the future.


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