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Chicago PD Season 10 return date: When will Episode 13 air on NBC?

Chicago PD Season 10 is taking a bit of a break. When will new episodes return to NBC, and what’s the deal with this break in the schedule?

There was some bad news at the end of the previous episode of Chicago PD. There isn’t going to be a new episode on Jan. 25. The show is going on a short break, which is becoming pretty standard for network TV right now.

The break in this schedule is two-fold. The first is to make sure there are enough episodes to run into May for finale month. There’s no way NBC will want to wrap one of its biggest shows before May. The other reason is to get plenty of new episodes during the February Sweeps season. This is when Neilsen does a bigger sweep for the live ratings, so networks will want to get as many new episodes in during this time as possible.

When will Chicago PD Season 10, Episode 13 air?
So, when can we expect the series to return? NBC made that clear with the Chicago PD Season 10, Episode 13 promo. We will have a two-week break, with new episodes airing on Wednesday, Feb. 8. Yes, this is disappointing, especially when we know there are likely more of these mini breaks to come.

The new episode is going to be a special one, though. In the promo, Voight is standing in front of a grave at the end. We know from photos that this is Olinksy’s grave. Are we going to see something about Olinksy’s death or a case he worked on come back to haunt Voight? Whatever it is, there is some sort of vendetta and Intelligence is going to be thrown into it.


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