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Boba Fett Vs. Jango Fett: Who’s The Better Bounty Hunter?

The Star Wars universe is full of amazing characters and alien beasts. The possibilities are nearly endless on what could be found on the multitude of planets. When it comes to sentient beings, most people think of a select few groups; the Jedi, the Sith, soldiers, and bounty hunters.

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Bounty hunters feature heavily throughout many of the Star Wars stories that fans have seen on screen. In a universe with intergalactic travel, it can be extremely difficult for police forces to track down certain individuals. That is where bounty hunters can lend their expertise, for a price. When speaking about Star Wars bounty hunters, the two most popular are Jango Fett and Boba Fett, but which of the two is truly better?

10 A Mandalorian Upbringing
Jango Fett 2
Not much is known about Jango Fett’s early life. Jango was not very open and enjoyed the air of mystery. However, Jango would say he was born on the Mandalorian planet Concord Dawn. Whether or not this was true, Jango would eventually become a Mandalorian foundling.

As a foundling, Jango received training from several Mandalorians to become a warrior. This was where he gained the iconic armor. Jango went on to fight in the Mandalorian Civil War that took place before the events of the Skywalker Saga, giving him plenty of battle experience.

9 He Was A Mentor To Many
Jango Fett has an extensive bounty hunting career that took him across several star systems. Throughout his career, Jango worked with several other bounty hunters and came to be a mentor to many others. Jango made connections with the likes of Zam Wessell, Aurra Sing, and Hondo Onaka.

He became the mentor of a couple of the most notorious bounty hunters in the galaxy. One of these was his son/clone Boba, but due to Jango’s death, he was only trained until Boba was about 10 years old. The other bounty hunter Jango mentored was Cad Bane.

8 Jango Made Up An Entire Army
Cloning Facility on Kamino
While Jango was extremely skilled in combat of various forms and had a full arsenal of weapons, he couldn’t really be considered a one-man army. Although, he was the template used to create the clone army that would fight for the Galactic Republic.

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Jango was able to come out victorious in a challenge set by Count Dooku to find a worthy warrior. Due to this, Jango was brought to Kamino to be used as the genetic template for the clone army; this was how Boba was “born.”

7 The Original Fett Was A Wealthy Man

Jango Fett would have amassed a sizable amount of wealth from his many bounties. However, none would be as profitable as being chosen as the clone template. This earned Jango millions of credits and could have set him up for the rest of his life.

Jango flashed his wealth on nearly every job simply by pulling his weapons. His twin WESTAR-34 blasters which were made of an expensive alloy that could withstand high temperatures allowing for more continuous fire. If Jango had lived long enough to take full advantage of his wealth, he could have built up quite an arsenal.

Although not considered canon, the reason Jango Fett was so infamous was that he was able to kill Jedi. In the comic series Jango Fett: Open Season, Jango vengefully killed six Jedi without the use of weapons before he was subdued.

On-screen in Attack of the Clones, Jango was able to quickly dispatch a Jedi master on Geonosis before jumping down and meeting his end at the hands of Mace Windu. The same cannot be said of Boba though he did fight Windu to a standstill when Boba was a young teen.

5 Sometimes Life Hands You Lemons
Boba Fett Escapes the Sarlacc Pit
Jango Fett had a relatively difficult life; growing up as a foundling meant that he had been orphaned. That was a hardship in itself, but he also served in a civil war on Mandalore. Not to mention the dangerous jobs he took as a bounty hunter, but he remained in his physical prime until his death on Geonosis.

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Boba, also had a difficult life losing his father at a young age and then going into bounty hunting as an adolescent. However, Boba was accidentally thrown into a Sarlacc Pit, which severely damaged him. In terms of physical prowess, Jango definitely has the upper hand.

4 Networking Is The Key To Success
Boba, Din, and Townspeople
Throughout each of their long and successful careers as bounty hunters, the Fetts were able to make connections that would help them get ahead. The connections included people of several walks of life, including other bounty hunters, pirate lords, and even the sith.

Both Fetts grew extensive networks, but Boba had a huge advantage in this area. Boba was able to draw on Jango’s network and then was able to build on top of that. Boba would have a much larger pool of people to pull from than his father.

3 Loyalty Matters
Boba Fett Riding A Rancor
While the Fetts both had extensive networks to help them in their bounty hunting, not all of their contacts were loyal to them. Especially with their bounty hunter connections, if the price was right, they would betray them pretty quickly.

Boba, however, has been able to foster loyalty and befriend some of his contacts. Most of these are fierce warriors like Krrsantan, Fennec Shand, and Din Djarin. Boba even has a loyal rancor pet he can ride if the situation calls for it.

Boba Using Wrist Rocket
Jango Fett used several high-tech gadgets and weapons during his career. He used his signature WESTAR-34 blasters, a jetpack, a wrist flamethrower, and other gadgets. Boba also employed all of these early in his career.

However, Boba learned that the pistols were not as good in combat as he’d hoped, and he switched to an EE-3 blaster rifle. Not only this, but Boba applied multiple upgrades to the armor he inherited from his father. Along with the flamethrower in his gauntlet, Boba also had a laser and a small rocket launcher. Boba also installed a rocket dart launcher in his knee pads.

1 Chose A Fighting Style For The Situation
Boba Using A Cycler Rifle
Being expert combatants, the Fetts were able to adapt to most situations. However, each of them had unique approaches and preferred different methods to engage their opponents.

Jango was more heavily armored, being fully covered, and seemed to prefer close combat due to the short range of his WESAR-34s. Jango also relied heavily on his jetpack. Boba, on the other hand, has tended to be more of a long-range combatant, even using a Cycler rifle for a short time, and was less reliant on his jetpack but still used it. Boba forsook some armor and instead opted for more firepower.


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