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Below Deck Midseason Trailer Teases Captain Lee’s Return

Captain Sandy Yawn has been keeping things together on Below Deck season 10, but in the midseason trailer, Captain Lee Rosbach takes back the reigns. Captain Lee left the current season when a health issue prevented him from adequately running the boat. Captain Sandy took over and has done a great job handling some pretty tough situations. At the end of the recent episode, Sandy had to fire Camille Lamb after it became obvious she was the cause of a lot of issues on the yacht. Her biggest problem was her inability to be civil with Alissa Humber, who accused her of being disrespectful and lazy.

Luckily for fans of Captain Lee, he’s back on Below Deck season 10. In the Below Deck trailer, Sandy alerts her crew that she has an update for them before Captain Lee appears.

“I feel like I’m back where I belong,” he says as he reenters the boat. Lee sits down with his crew, unaware of all the drama that’s gone on before he left, and tells them to get back to work. According to the trailer, Lee is not the only former Below Deck season 10 star to return. Camille also reappears, to Alissa’s dismay, and reunites with Ben Willoughby. However, Ben has been up to a lot since Camille’s departure. The trailer shows a new crew member entering the picture who has quite a history with Ben.

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Ben Has A New Below Deck Love Interest After Camille’s Exit
Below Deck’s Ben Willoughby
The two appear to reignite the flames between them as the crew member takes Camille’s place. The trailer also showcases another disagreement between Captain Sandy and Chief Stew Fraser Olender. The two first argued when Sandy was deciding what to do about the fight Camille and Alissa got into in front of the charter guests. Sandy wanted to hear both sides of the story so she could decide what to do about the incident. However, Fraser felt like it wasn’t the time or place to be discussing the incident, so he told Sandy not to listen to Camille. The captain didn’t like Fraser inserting himself into the situation and warned him never to tell her what to do again.

Captain Lee has a lot to catch up on, as much has happened since he left the ship earlier this season. Hopefully, someone can fill him in on the Camille drama, and he can make sure the remaining crew members don’t cause any more problems as she did. It’s unclear if Camille is returning to the boat or just for a night out with the crew, but she’s bound to ruffle some feathers when her former costars see her again. It’s unclear if she finds out about Ben’s new fling, but if she does, she won’t be happy about it.

Captain Sandy has a lot to explain to Lee before he can take over the yacht again. Hopefully, he’s prepared to deal with everything that’s gone on during Below Deck season 10. If he chooses to leave again, no one would blame him. After the Camille drama came to a close, one would think there’d be less tension on the yacht, and it’d be smooth sailing from here on out, but according to the midseason trailer, that is not the case. Captain Lee surely has his hands full, and he better hope he has the strength and patience to deal with this crew.


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