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7 Reasons Why M3GAN Would Beat Chucky In A Fight

When it comes to dolls duking it out, M3GAN would beat Chucky in a pint-sized showdown. The titular character in M3GAN, the Blumhouse horror movie about an artificial intelligence child’s companion with a homicidal glitch, has been repeatedly compared to Chucky, the tiny terror from the ’80s classic Child’s Play and current star of its reboot series, Chucky. Both toys have murder on their minds, and they’ve both cemented themselves as horror icons through their unique personalities and gruesome kill counts. When they don’t get what they want, like the love and affection of their playmates, their tantrums are genuinely terrifying.

In the poorly received 2019 Child’s Play reboot, Chucky’s origins were altered, and in the current iteration, he bears more resemblance to M3GAN than his supernaturally inspired predecessor. Thanks to a bug in his programming and some physical damage, he’s overprotective to the point of killing anyone who threatens his main buddy Andy. However, even though Chucky has more in common with a killer robot than ever before, M3GAN still has the upper hand for various reasons.

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7 M3GAN Is Bigger Than Chucky
m3gan standing oddly in a hallway.
Gemma programmed M3GAN to be similar to a real girl but with the parental guidance and compatibility of an older sibling. She’s not just Cady’s playmate; she’s also her guardian, tutor, and best friend. Therefore, it’s not surprising that M3GAN is physically bigger than Chucky, with a much broader arm span and longer legs that let her reach high surfaces. She’s twice as tall as Chucky and would be physically imposing next to the doll.

Child’s Play’s killer doll might be older in the context of his franchise, but with age doesn’t necessarily come wisdom. Even with the soul of Charles Lee Ray inside a Good Guy Doll (or even a Buddi doll), the decades that Chucky has on M3GAN don’t account for anything that helps his small form. Regarding physical limitations, M3GAN’s increased size gives her the edge over her contemporary any day.

6 M3GAN Can Physically Overpower Chucky
M3GAN Peacock streaming
Along with being larger than Chucky, M3GAN can also overpower him. Because she’s essentially a killer robot powered with artificial intelligence, she has a strong OS as well as a directive that’s incredibly hard to override. Also, her parts are made from things like titanium and other alloys that make her incredibly durable, so she doesn’t fall apart easily and can take quite the beating before showing signs of wear and tear.

M3GAN loves to sing and dance while she kills, but her frivolity only makes her victims underestimate her. M3GAN is a cybernetic automaton that could rip Chucky apart by popping his head off or removing his limbs one by one. If she can do it to a human, she can do it to a doll made of plastic and basic electronics. Chucky is incredibly limited by his own mechanics, whereas M3GAN’s make her an indestructible superwoman.

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5 M3GAN Doesn’t Have The Mind Of A Child
M3GAN, Cady and Gema with money over top
There’s a distinction between M3GAN and Chucky that must be made; M3GAN is a child’s companion, whereas Chucky is a doll that children play with. By her very nature and makeup, M3GAN has more agency than Chucky built into her system and more in common with the robots in The Peripheral or Westworld. This means that she has a more astute intelligence and is a little more emotionally and psychologically savvy than Chucky, even though both dolls manipulate the surrounding humans.

Even before Charles Lee Ray possessed a doll, he wasn’t a particularly erudite serial killer. The smartest thing he ever did was imbue his spirit into a doll, but even so, as a child plaything, Chucky has the mentality of a child to match the children that play with him. Chucky has maturity issues, often escalating situations based on base emotions that mirror children throwing temper tantrums. An analytical AI, like M3GAN, can override such illogical inhibitors.

4 M3GAN Isn’t Reliant On Supernatural Transference
M3GAN on the Forest Floor
In the original Child’s Play, serial killer Charles Lee Ray could put his vile soul into a Good Guy doll and live on. At the end of subsequent sequels, this process would continue, with the murderer able to transfer his essence into other Good Guy dolls, perpetually keeping himself “alive.” His main goal was to move his soul into a human host, thereby gaining all the benefits of being flesh and blood rather than being a toy, but Chucky’s power is reliant on the supernatural, which isn’t as quantifiable as technology.

There’s nothing supernatural about how M3GAN operates; she’s a robot that Gemma programs to be Cady’s companion, but her drive to preserve herself is as strong as the one for protecting Cady. Before she kills Bruce, M3GAN uses various computer systems to stay alive. Even at the Funki office, she can hack their computer systems and prevent them from turning her off, making her more effective than one of Skynet’s Terminators. She’s able to preserve her existence virtually, implying that wherever there are electronics, M3GAN will find a way to keep living.

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3 M3GAN Is A Technological Mastermind
M3GAN robot skeleton
In the scene where M3GAN performs her iconic dance, she seemingly turns off a building alarm with her mind, but what appears to be telekinesis is simply M3GAN being an accomplished hacker. At the movie’s end, she’s even able to take over her creator’s virtual assistant, proving that she’s a technological mastermind. So all M3GAN would have to do to defeat Chucky is research his weaknesses in a few seconds.

Chucky doesn’t have access to that sort of downloading capability. Even the 2019 reboot only showed the Buddi doll hacking into other variants and products compatible with a Buddi doll. When it comes to technology, it seems that M3GAN’s reach is not only more powerful than commanding a few drones, it’s more sophisticated. An arsenal of robot bears is nothing to M3GAN controlling entire security systems and smart homes.

2 M3GAN Is The More Methodical Killer
M3GAN the AI doll Close Up
With a mind for logic and efficiency, it’s no surprise that M3GAN is a methodical killer. She also takes advantage of systems like Elsie, the virtual assistant that controls Gemma’s home, to help her cause harm to others. Some of her best-made plans (such as with Elsie) are built into machinations that have been in place since the beginning. M3GAN would approach Chucky like any problem that needs solving with as much efficacy as possible.

Some of Chucky’s kills vary in proficiency, and he’s more reckless and wild with his approach to ending his victims. His kills are gory and involve exploding insides or the flinging of limbs, often with a lot of profane humor. Because he learns from the surrounding humans and has the soul of a serial killer inside, he’s much more prone to react emotionally than M3GAN and, therefore, would make mistakes as he got more and more unhinged.

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1 M3GAN Has More In Common With A Terminator Than A Doll
The Terminator and M3GAN
Like a Terminator, M3GAN is indefatigable and nearly indestructible. Even when she suffers a malfunction due to water damage in the movie, she’s not defeated and goes even more berserk. Even if Chucky were to drench M3GAN in water, she would only get more ruthless and continue to claw her way forward, even as an exoskeleton. Beyond being relentless, the sophisticated materials she’s built with give her the win over Chucky.

M3GAN even makes a Terminator nod at the end of her movie, making the parallels between her and one of the most famous killer robots of all time even more apparent. With each new upgrade, M3GAN can come back stronger and more efficient, with new skills and even weaponry. M3GAN can take Chucky in a fight, but even if Chucky triumphed, the real victors are technology and corporations, the true threats to humans lurking behind the big eyes and cute smiles of these dolls.


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