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Why CSI Vegas star says getting a way with murder is ‘darn near impossible’

Las Vegas is famous for its glittering casinos, extravagant stage shows and drive through-weddings. On the surface it’s a city of frivolity, glamour and excess. But it’s also the setting for CSI: Vegas, the latest CSI spin-off, where crime keeps a group of diligent forensic investigators busy. It stars Paula Newsome as lead investigator Maxine ‘Max’ Roby, a character whose colleague is Marg Helgenberger’s criminologist Catherine Willows. “What is it they say? ‘Everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’,” says Newsome when asked what is specific to CSI: Vegas.People go to Vegas to be able to do a bunch of things and have a bunch of fun and just live their best life. And as a result, on our show, we have a wide range of things that we can do because people do some wacky stuff here.” Newsome says she’s never had a wild weekend in Las Vegas but admits she has been surprised by what she’s come across in the city. “It’s amazing to me the little amount of clothes that people wear just walking around,” she says.

Most of CSI: Vegas, aside from some exterior scenes, is filmed in Newsroom’s home town of Los Angeles.CSI: Vegas is now in its second season and given what Newsome has no doubt learned about crime scenes (albeit fictional ones) and forensics, could she hypothetically get away with murder?
She laughs at the suggestion. “No. Los Angeles traffic can make you kind of angry, but I don’t think I’ve ever been drawn to murder. However, it is amazing how far the science has gone. “I would say it is pretty darn near impossible because of the science, because of the forensics, because of what people can tell what happened and didn’t happen based on a little molecule, a speck or a trace of something. It’s darn near impossible to get rid of something when there is evidence.” Newsome, who played the ill-fated love interest of Henry Winkler’s character in the dark comedy Barry, has been acting since she was a child growing up in Chicago.


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