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Snowpiercer season 4 cancelled amid hopes for ‘new home’

Snowpiercer season four, which was set to be the final season of the series, is no longer due to air. Although production on the popular show’s finale has completed, TNT has decided not to go ahead with releasing it… so somewhere out there, just beyond reach, season four does exist.

However, there’s still some hope yet. Snowpiercer, which stars Jennifer Connelly, Sean Bean and Daveed Diggs, could still find a new home, and there’s even a chance of it becoming a larger franchise when the stars align.According to EW, a TNT spokesperson stated: “We can confirm that TNT will not air season four of Snowpiercer. “This was a difficult decision, but our admiration for the talented writers, actors and crew who brought Snowpiercer’s extraordinary post-apocalyptic world to life remains strong.”

They concluded: “We have been working collaboratively with the producers since last year to help the series find a new home where fans can continue to enjoy the compelling story and exceptional visual experience. We look forward to working with them on future projects.”But, here’s the good bit. The show’s producer, Tomorrow Studios, is nowhere near giving up: “We love Snowpiercer and believe season 4 completes a story with incredible talent that will entertain viewers while exploring issues of climate change and class warfare.

We are so passionate about this series that we have acquired the rights to control the franchise. We hope to find the perfect partner shortly and finish a great ride with the final season.” Considering the cliffhanger that season three ended on, fans are keenly waiting for season four to come along and tie up loose ends. But maybe, just maybe, this is a chance for Snowpiercer to come back bigger and better than ever. Snowpiercer is set in post-apocalypse 2026, and follows the remnants of humanitywhohave taken to living on a constantly moving train to shelter from the icy landscape.


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