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“Sick and Twisted” Moment When “Real Grey’s Anatomy” Ended, According to Fans

Sometimes a show ends for you before it releases an official finale – and for Grey’s Anatomy fans, the death of a certain character was a turning point.

No one is safe when it comes to a show created by Shonda Rhimes, but when it comes to the death of Derek Shepherd, it is a special kind of betrayal for fans of the medical drama.

For many people, Derek’s death marked the end of the show for them – even though Grey’s Anatomy continues to this day, with fans trying to move on for eight seasons.

Derek dies in Season 11, Episode 21, titled “How to Save a Life,” after being involved in a horrific car accident. Unfortunately, it’s not even the car crash itself that kills him, but rather a small mistake made by the doctors who operated on him afterward.

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To this day, fans believe that Derek’s death is one of the most traumatizing things about Grey’s Anatomy. Many people simply refused to watch the show after Derek’s death. It was especially painful for “Merder” shippers – those who rooted for the romance between Derek and Meredith.

According to fans, Derek’s death was by far the saddest of the show, and Shonda Rhimes just shouldn’t have broken fans’ hearts like that.

“Rewatching Grey’s Anatomy and I still can’t believe she [Rhimes] had Derek narrating his own death. That was just sick and twisted,” Twitter user comfortedsins recalled.

Derek did in fact narrate his own death because he started subconsciously reporting his injuries during the surgery, even guiding the doctors through it – all while he was actually on the verge of death. He even knew the exact moment when it was over for him, which is a very Shonda Rhimes thing to do to viewers.

Grey’s Anatomy is currently in its 19th season and its main star, Ellen Pompeo, announced her departure after the mid-season finale. However, she stated that she would return at some point.


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