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RTE Dancing With The Stars Carl Mullan feared he’d be seen as ‘joke’ participant

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Dancing With The Stars celebrity Carl Mullan has said he hesitated signing up to the show, fearing he would make a fool of himself. The 2FM Breakfast host said he initially was reluctant to sign up for the Rte One show and wanted to be assured by TV bosses he wouldn’t be the ‘joke’ participant of the series. The father-of-one told us: “When I got asked to do it my initial reaction was like ‘Oh my god, how could I say no to that’.”But then I kind of flipped flopped and thought I don’t want to go on this and make a show of myself. I genuinely don’t know how to dance. I swear to God, I haven’t a clue.

“In saying that my dance partner Emily (Barker) has been teaching me stuff and I have been surprising myself – but I was worried. I don’t want to be the guy who is the token joke participant. That was the main thing I was fairly adamant about before I said yes.” But the 32-year-old said it was devoted wife Aisling who helped him make his decision. “What made me do it? I remember saying it to my wife, Ais, and I hadn’t even finished the sentence and she said ‘you better say yes’ because she loved Dancing With The Stars. “I genuinely feel it is a huge compliment to get asked to do it because I think it is such a great piece of TV. It’s such great fun and it comes at such a good time of the year.

“Also as well the prospects of a way to get fitness back that was absolutely lost during Covid. ” Carl said he already has shed the pounds and is hoping to take on more exercises to help his fitness levels on the dance floor. “I have already. I probably haven’t lost as much as I could do because already, I’m thinking of ‘well I’m dancing so I can eat what I want’ “But I have definitely noticed it. I realised as well I’m going to have to do some aerobic fitness as well. “If you told me two years ago that this is what I would be busy with I would’ve absolutely bitten your arm off for it. I’m so lucky to be busy with stuff that is really good fun and it’s stuff that I’ve always wanted to do,” he said.


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