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GTA Online Gun Van location for today (January 18, 2023)

GTA Online’s Gun Van has changed its location once again for today, January 18, as expected. For the uninitiated, the vehicle is used to run an illegal mobile business and needs to move around the city every day to keep the police off its track. Rockstar Games has explained why the automobile changes locations every day in its newsletter by stating:

“Due to this gray-market status, the Speedo must move regularly to avoid attracting too much attention.”
Through the Gun Van, players can purchase a new Railgun and other powerful weaponry at lower prices compared to Ammu-Nation stores. However, it can be a bit frustrating to find the vehicle in the game’s open world. To help players and save a lot of time, this article will share the exact location of GTA Online’s Gun Van location for today.

GTA Online Gun Van can be found in Vinewood Hills today
As shown in the above video, the Gun Van can be found behind the Vinewood Sign today. It is an iconic landmark in the series and is based on the real-life Hollywood Sign. You can find it at the summit of Mount Haan Drive in Vinewood Hills. You simply need to go behind the famous sign, and you’ll spot the dealer in the van.

Players should note that this is the last day of current offerings as vehicle’s stock of items is subject to change in the upcoming GTA Online weekly update. Here are the things that gamers can purchase today at amazing discounts:


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