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Euphoria season 3 premiere date: The continued lack of news…

The wait for Euphoria season 3 to arrive on HBO is going to be long — that is something we can say with total certainty. Filming is not currently underway, and neither the network nor the cast have dropped any specifics as to what lies ahead.

Just how far on the horizon is it? Well, let’s just say that HBO isn’t bothering to even promote it in any of their sizzle reels to this day. For those who are unaware, there was a package put together prior to the start of The Last of Us this past weekend showcasing a lot of the shows that are coming down the road for the network. In this you saw the likes of Succession, True Detective, and also a number of HBO Max originals … but the Zendaya series was nowhere to be seen.

So why not reference Euphoria? Well, it’s because this sizzle reel was meant mostly to highlight shows that are almost certainly coming out this year, and most reasonable estimates have it coming out in early 2024. (Personally, we’re hoping for January, around when season 2 arrived in 2022.) We imagine that the promotional strategy for the show is going to change when we get around to the summer.

After all, we’re in a spot right now where there is no footage to even show, and knowing the way that creator Sam Levinson tends to work, we don’t tend to think that he wants any info out there about any of the scripts. A lot of work has already been done to prep the story, but it remains to be seen just how much of that has been shared with the bulk of the cast. At the very least, let’s just cross our fingers for an announcement when production gets underway.

No matter when Euphoria season 3 premieres, is there anything in particular you want to see?
Be sure to let us know right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, remember to stay tuned for some other updates. (Photo: HBO.)


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