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Emma Stone to Star In Edgar Wright’s Next Movie ‘The Chain’ (Exclusive)

Emma Stone has been cast as the star of Edgar Wright’s next movie The Chain, an adaptation of Adrian McKinty’s 2019 award-winning thriller novel, The Direct can exclusively report. Stone will play a mother whose 12-year-old child is kidnapped, forcing her to kidnap another child to have hers released and continue “The Chain. Deadline first reported about the project in June 2020, with Universal having acquired the rights to the book in a seven-figure deal. Baby Driver director Wright will helm the project, while X-Men: First Class’ Jane Goldman pens the script.

In McKinty’s novel, the leading mother is Rachel, a divorcée with cancer who receives a call to tell her that her daughter Kylie has been kidnapped. To rescue her child, she must kidnap another, however, Kylie will only be released once the parents of that child kidnap yet another one, thus continuing “The Chain. The official synopsis reveals the truly terrifying premise that Wright and Stone will now adapt from screens:

When Will Emma Stone’s The Chain Release?
Having kicked his career into motion with his famous Cornetto Trilogy of British comedies, director Edgar Wright continues to expand his repertoire beyond hilarity and into more serious genres. After the release of 2021’s Last Night in Soho, fans of the filmmaker are wondering what comes next for Wright. After all, the director has been publically attached to so many projects over the years, many of which have failed to get off the ground.

Still left in the pipeline are Wright’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Running Man and his take on the 2020 novel Set My Heart to Five, as well as The Chain, which now appears likely to become the next release of the bunch. Having now cast Emma Stone two-and-a-half years after the movie was announced, The Chain’s development appears to finally be seeing some motion and will likely be the next production on the cards for the director.

Stone has a number of other projects currently on the docket, having recently collaborated with Yorgos Lanthimos on a new movie, Poor Things, starring Willem Dafoe. The actress even worked with The Favorite director on another film last year, simply titled, And. Emma Stone also briefly returned to television for the first time since the Netflix show, Maniac, filming alongside Nathan for You’s Nathan Fielder and Uncut Gems’ Benny Safdie on the comedy series, The Curse, which is expected to premiere on Showtime this year.

There is also the sequel to Disney’s Cruella that is early in development, which began the scripting process under writer Tony McNamara last year and was seemingly planned to go before cameras this year. So, The Chain could begin production this year if it can get underway before Cruella 2, or next year if it has to fall after. This could place its release anytime between 2024 and 2025, depending on how the rest of the development goes. The Chain has yet to set an official release date.


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