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Dragon Ball’s Goten Confirms the Series’ Strongest Villain Isn’t From Z

While the era of Dragon Ball Z was responsible for introducing the series’ most iconic villains, Goten confirms that the strongest was actually in GT.

Throughout the entirety of the Dragon Ball mythos, there has been no shortage of terrifyingly powerful villains that have pushed the Z-Fighters to new heights both in terms of strength and character development–and out of all of them, Goten names the series’ strongest (and the villain-in-question isn’t even from Z).

The Dragon Ball saga officially began with classic Dragon Ball–a lighthearted series about a little boy searching for magical, wish-granting Dragon Balls with his friends while also working towards being the best fighter there is. However, the series as fans know it today didn’t find its footing until Dragon Ball Z, as that is when fan-favorite characters like Vegeta and Trunks hit the scene, when iconic power-ups and transformations like Kaio-Ken and Super Saiyan were revealed, and–most importantly–when the most iconic and impactful villains were introduced. Classic Dragon Ball had the Red Ribbon Army, King Piccolo, and Emperor Pilaf, sure, but DBZ brought to life the likes of Cell, Majin Buu, and Frieza. However, even those antagonists can’t hold a candle to the strongest villain of them all–a villain who didn’t come around until Dragon Ball GT.

In Dragon Ball GT season 1, episode 26 (written by Junki Takegami, directed by Osamu Kasai, produced by Toei Animation), Goten is on a date with a girl he really cares about, that is, before it is interrupted by a seemingly random aggressor causing havoc in the streets of the city. When Goten goes to investigate, he finds just an average-looking man with glowing red eyes single-handedly taking down the entire police force. When Goten steps up to intervene, the mysterious stranger grins in a manner of satisfaction and delight, as he has finally come face-to-face with a Saiyan warrior of Earth. Before the fighting commenced, the villain decided to shed the human skin-suit he was wearing and reveal his true form. At this point, Goten warned his date to stay back, as this guy had a power-level beyond anything he had seen before–and when the villain finally revealed himself, fans learned that this all-powerful GT antagonist was the Machine Mutant known as Baby.

Goten Battled the Strongest DBZ Villain and Still Said GT’s Baby was Stronger
While the word of Goten may not seem to hold as much weight as that of Goku or even Vegeta since Goten was a relatively new addition to Dragon Ball lore, his perspective is actually just as insightful, and that is because of one villain in particular: Majin Buu. Before Goten was even ten years old, he and Trunks were tasked with taking on a villain who frightened intergalactic dictators and cosmic gods, and they did so without complaint, and even with a hint of excitement. Goten was able to go toe-to-toe with an elder being capable of universal calamity and live to tell the tale. So, while Goten may not have gone-up against every DBZ villain, he really didn’t have to because he fought the strongest that the series had to offer–which means Goten naming Baby as the strongest villain he’d ever seen is incredibly significant.

Baby is a Machine Mutant capable of possessing anyone he wants and ‘lay eggs’ in their brain, forcing them to be a part of his hive-mind collective before leaving their body and doing the same thing to his next victim. Not only that, but Baby’s base power-level is frighteningly massive, and he gets stronger with every person he possesses and drains. Plus, when Baby finds the perfect host (like a Saiyan) he can merge his power level with theirs and create a new body that has limitless evolutionary potential. So, while fans can take Goten’s word for it given the villains he’s faced in the past, they don’t really need to as Baby makes it pretty clear why he’s arguably the strongest there is, despite not being a part of the iconic villainous roster of Dragon Ball’s ‘Z’ era.


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