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Castlevania: Netflix Encourages Three-Way Trevor, Alucard and Sypha Ship

The trio’s adventures may have come to an end, but that isn’t stopping Netflix from giving its subtle approval of the “Trephacard” ship. Netflix still isn’t ready to show off more of its upcoming Castlevania continuation, but it is willing to acknowledge how badly the fans want to see its central trio get together.

The company tweeted out a picture of Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Alucard, along with a caption that read “Sir they love each other.” While the message’s meaning is open to interpretation, fans of the “Trephacard” ship have taken the tweet as official encouragement for the trio’s supposedly beyond-platonic bond. The images come from the final episode of the show’s fourth season, which sees the trio reunited after a climactic final battle with Death.

Netflix’s Castlevania originally premiered in 2017 and was one of the streaming service’s first adult-oriented animated series to become a big hit. The series told the story of Trevor Belmont, the last member of a legendary clan of vampire hunters. After being reluctantly pulled into Dracula’s war against humanity, Trevor teams up with a traveling mage, Sypha, and Dracula’s rebellious son, Alucard, to stop the vampire lord. The series starred Richard Armitage, James McTavish, Alejandro Reynoso and Graham McTavish and was produced by Adi Shankar, who is currently producing animated series based on Capcom’s Devil May Cry franchise and the popular PUBG multiplayer game.

The show is based on a classic series of video games of the same name from Konami, a Japanese video game publisher that was once known for producing some of gaming’s most beloved franchises, including Mystical Ninja Goemon and Metal Gear Solid. The first four seasons of Netflix’s show were specifically a loose adaptation of Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse, which was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990, and the game that served as a direct sequel to its narrative, 2005’s Curse of Darkness, which was released for the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox.

The Castlevania series is set to continue with a new show set several hundreds after the fourth season’s finale and focused around a different member of the Belmont family, Richter. This new series appears to be based off of 1993’s Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, a beloved PC-Engine game that also serves as a prequel to the series’ most critically lauded installment, 1997’s Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Since it’s initial announcement, Netflix has remained quiet about the series, and has not released any further details about the new show, such as its cast or release date. In August it was announced that Shankar was suing the producer of the new show for cutting him out of the sequel series’ production. All four seasons of Castlevania are available for streaming on Netflix.


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