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‘American Idol’ Fans Can’t Believe What Luke Bryan’s Wife Just Posted About His Music

It may be the start of a new year, but it looks like Luke Bryan is still up to his old tricks — and his wife, Caroline “Lina” Boyer Bryan, is always there to capture the funny moments. In a recent series of videos shared on Instagram, Caroline gave her followers a look at what life is like raising their kids: sons Bo and Tate, niece Jordan and nephews Kris and Til. Among the never-before-seen snippets though was one of the American Idol judge attempting to play a trombone and Caroline quickly got ahead of questions about why the country singer was part of the compilation. “I’ve seen a lot of people doing the ‘Boy moms add your boys,'” she captioned the post on January 13, referencing a popular term describing moms who primarily have sons. “Well … here’s a little view of mine! 🤡 And yes … I include Luke as a child. Most days.”

Given how Luke always has an ace up his sleeve, Caroline’s message appeared to resonate with folks. Many agreed with her assessment of her family dynamics in the comments section of the post.“It’s like living in a fraternity house! 🤣😂🤣,” one person wrote on Instagram. “Luke is a child … most days from what I’ve seen you most! 😂 Y’all are the couple & family we all should strive to emulate!!💯 Love you guys! 💜,” another follower added. “Omg that was so bad @lukebryan 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Cute post though. Boys definitely make being a Mama fun. 💕💕💕,” a different viewer said.What’s more, this is only the beginning for more antics from Luke, as American Idol is expected to return for a new season on February 19. If the next ABC installment is anything like last year, it means we’re about to get a lot more hilarity from the longtime judge … and his wife of 16 years too.


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