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American Horror Story season 12: release date speculation and news

The smash-hit anthology will return – but in what form? Following that shocking two-part finale to American Horror Story: NYC, fans of Ryan Murphy’s long-running anthology series are now clamouring for details on what the next season has in store. Each season of the gripping thriller is different to the last, incorporating genre elements including witches, ghosts, freak shows and cults – but familiar characters have reappeared over the years in fan-pleasing crossover storylines.

It’s unclear as of yet whether we can expect another of those in American Horror Story season 12, but longtime viewers are already pitching their theories and wish lists as we eagerly await word on what’s coming up. Here, you’ll find all the information we have so far about American Horror Story season 12.

Will there be an American Horror Story season 12?
Yes! The show was renewed for three more seasons by FX back in January 2020, which will see it continue all the way through to season 13 – so we have at least two additional stories to look forward to (via Deadline).

American Horror Story season 12 release date speculation
Besides the period of 2020-21, when television schedules were thrown into disarray by the COVID pandemic, American Horror Story has always premiered in either September or October. Therefore, while FX is yet to announce a premiere date for American Horror Story season 12, logic dictates that it will most likely arrive in autumn 2023.

What could American Horror Story season 12 be about?
Ryan Murphy has so far kept quiet on what the next season of American Horror Story could be about, with an almost limitless number of possibilities owing to the show’s anthological format. Fans will be most interested to find out whether the next story will connect to any of the previous offerings, in the way that the likes of Apocalypse have done in the past. We’ll update this page as soon as we know more.

Who could be in the American Horror Story season 12 cast?
The cast of American Horror Story season 12 is still to be confirmed, but it’s possible that many of the show’s regular players will be back for another round of scares. Recently, that list has included Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Isaac Powell, and Denis O’Hare. Several of the show’s most famous alumni, including Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Emma Roberts, have recently parted ways with AHS and it seems uncertain they would return so soon. That said, Ryan Murphy is one of Hollywood’s biggest names and is known for forging strong bonds with the actors he collaborates with, so no one from his talent pool can necessarily be ruled out at this stage.


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