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Why Tammy Slaton Cried During The 1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 Premiere

TLC viewers just finished watching the first episode of 1000-lb Sistersseason 4, where Tammy burst into tears, and Amy Slaton Halterman opened up about motherhood. Season 3 concluded with Tammy fighting for her life, while her sister Amy worried. Now, with a new season up and running, fans want to know all the juicy details.

Through three 1000-lb Sisters seasons, viewers have waited for Tammy to commit to a healthier lifestyle. While Amy hit all the goals she’d set when she signed up for the show, many people wondered if Tammy was really willing to change her life. The last three installments have shown Amy losing weight and growing her family. Unfortunately, Tammy seemed stuck in the same old routine, as she self-sabotaged her way through life. Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger, and fans didn’t know if they would get a season 4.1000-lb Sisters season 4 opened up at Windsor Lane Health Center, with Tammy trying to remember what happened after she was rushed to the hospital. Tammy revealed that she woke up on life support a week later, sharing that she was then at her highest weight, “714 pounds.” Tammy let her followers know that she was put into a medically-induced coma after her oxygen levels dropped, and she became septic. She stated that she could, “hear voices,” but didn’t know her family was by her side. Tammy tearfully explained that hitting, “rock bottom had opened up her eyes,” sharing that she wasn’t sure why God saved her.

Fans Catch Up With Amy Slaton Halterman

Amy was faring much better than her sister, as she shared with 1000-lb Sisters viewers that she was really enjoying being a mother to Gage. She noted that she had her hands full, thanks to a, “smarty pants.” Amy revealed that she and Michael Halterman knew she was pregnant with her second son because she was, “constipated” for three weeks. When producers asked about Tammy, Amy said that dealing with her sister was, “stressful,” because she was afraid that her sibling would die. Amy cried as she shared that she couldn’t, “imagine a life” without Tammy. Amanda and Chris Combs were able to visit Tammy in rehab, with Amanda sharing that she was asked to sign a DNR while Tammy was in the coma.

There are some clear issues within the Slaton family, as viewers heard Chris say that if Tammy didn’t shape up, it would, “break them” as a family. Luckily, 1000-lb Sisters fans who have kept up to date on Tammy’s recovery now know that she is doing better than ever. Tammy has lost a dramatic amount of weight, and even found true love after marrying Caleb Willingham. The newest season is set to be filled with ups and downs. Hopefully, it will show the family members supporting each another.


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