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Who Did Millie Bobby Brown Play On NCIS?

For 20 seasons, the popular procedural NCIS has seen Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) catching criminals, and Millie Bobby Brown guest-starred in a season 12 episode. Brown’s character is given a fair amount of screen time, and the episode features a stunning conclusion that speaks to the actor’s talent for portraying young characters who are fiercely determined and fearless. NCIS has featured several young stars in guest roles, including Zac Efron, Abigail Breslin, and Troian Bellisario.

Millie Bobby Brown’s NCIS episode aired in 2014, the same year she played Madison O’Donnell in the supernatural series Intruders. Her early career included small TV roles before her famous turn as Eleven in Stranger Things and the title role in the Enola Holmes movies. In 2015, she appeared in one episode of Modern Family as a girl whose bike is taken by Manny Delgado (Rico Rodriguez), and Brown played Ruby in one Grey’s Anatomy episode. The actor’s compelling screen presence is clear whether given a minor or main character to play, and there are shades of Eleven in Brown’s short NCIS role.

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Millie Bobby Brown Played Rachel Barnes On NCIS
Rachel (Millie Bobby Brown) and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) sitting with coffee cups in NCIS
Millie Bobby Brown played Rachel Barnes in NCIS season 12, episode 6, “Parental Guidance Suggested.” The character kills her mother because she feels neglected by her father, who is often caught up in work travel. At the beginning of the episode, Rachel talks to her two friends about their love of Harry Potter, and then she yells when she sees her mother’s body lying inside her house. While at first Brown’s character appears to be a young, innocent girl who appreciates Hermione’s smart personality in Harry Potter, she is the one who murdered her mother, which concludes the episode in an unexpected way.

Rachel lies to Gibbs, pretending that her mother was killed because Navy SEALs exposed terrorists, and this calculated move proves that Rachel knew exactly what she was doing. While the end of every NCIS episode offers a proper and complete explanation of a criminal’s motivations, the reveal that a child was the one who committed murder stands out. The formulaic structure of the episode reveals the chilling nature of Rachel’s personality, as she appears to be a sweet child who appreciates the chocolate and popcorn that Gibbs has given her, along with the time that she can play in a fort at the station.

Millie Bobby Brown’s NCIS Character Is Just As Compelling As Eleven On Stranger Things
Split image of Millie Bobby Brown looking serious as Rachel Barnes in NCIS
Millie Bobby Brown’s NCIS character may be a killer whereas in Stranger Things, Eleven uses powers for good, but the characters share strong personalities that are more riveting than traditional child characters. Rather than providing comic relief and making a precocious comment at just the right time, Rachel and Eleven are given weighty storylines that see them struggling with wanting to be loved by their families. While Rachel makes the wrong choice and commits a crime, Eleven finds acceptance among her new group of friends. Once she feels loved, Eleven knows it’s safe to show people her abilities, and she tries to save her new home.


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