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The Last of Us Sets New HBO Record After House of the Dragon, Beats Zendaya’s Euphoria Benchmark

The pilot episode of The Last of Us came with an already grabbing plot and a remarkable performance by the lead actors as well as every other actor involved. Neil Druckmann’s series brings the massively successful game into the world of television and it has made the fans even happier. Everyone had been anticipating the show for a rather long time and ever since the casting announcement had been made, the hype grew even more.

Now that the show is finally here, it has finally unleashed a huge audience that had been waiting to watch Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie. It is not that big of a surprise to think how easily the series has already surpassed almost every show, making it HBO’s second-largest premiere.

The Last Of Us Has The Second-Largest Premiere For HBO
HBO has an entire range of series and movies that have amazed fans beyond their expectations. These include House of the Dragon, Euphoria, and many more. An addition to this has been Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey’s The Last of Us. The game has finally been adapted into a series that has already brought chills to the viewers and without a doubt, has proven to be a great contender to the best of the best shows.

While the Game of Thrones spin-off still marks the biggest opening so far on the platform, the latest series has broken records of every other show that has been released since 2010. The Last of Us opened with 4.7 Million viewers throughout HBO Max as well as linear, making it the second-largest HBO premiere in over a decade. The first position still stands for House of the Dragon with a total of 9.986 Million viewers. The previous holder for the second-largest opening was Boardwalk Empire and its viewers had been 4.1 Million for its premiere.

The Last Of Us Obliterates Euphoria With Its Release
Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney’s Euphoria has been an audience grabber ever since it first came out. However, much to the audience’s surprise; its viewership for the second season had been basically half of what Boardwalk Empire had. Although the average is around 19.5 Million viewers per episode, the majority of this viewership is generated on Sundays. The Last of Us’s premiere has surpassed the show in the easiest way possible and it can be said that the average number of viewers for Pascal and Ramsey’s show can be far beyond that of Sweeney and Hunter Schafer’s.


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