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The Handmaid’s Tale season 6 premiere date: Episode count’s role

The Handmaid’s Tale season 6 is absolutely something we are excited to see, even if it currently remains on the other side of the horizon. There is no premiere date in sight, and we have to be prepared for be waiting for one over the course of the next several months. If we learn something official come the fall, we’ll be happy with that. For the time being, we wouldn’t be shocked if we are stuck waiting until winter or spring 2024 to see it back … but there are some factors that play into this further. What’s one of the big ones? Think in terms of episode count.

Now, we should note that we’ve yet to see anything that makes us think that the final season is anything other than ten episodes, and this is important for one simple reason: How long it takes Hulu and the producers to get these in the can. The longer the shoot, the longer we are waiting, and that’s especially true here since production may not be starting for a good while. If it does come out that we’re getting more than ten episodes, you could argue that winter 2024 is off the table entirely … unless we are getting some sort of split season. It takes so long to edit an individual episode of this show that doing more than ten would easily push a premiere date back for weeks.

Ultimately, we just don’t think Hulu is going to face a lot of pressure to deliver some super-long final season, mostly because there’s no real reason for them to. They are developing the Margaret Atwood sequel The Testaments and while it’s poised to be its own show, there are some loose ends from The Handmaid’s Tale that could be continued there. With that in mind, we don’t expect producers to spend a lot of time trying to cram every loose end into season 6.


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