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Supergirl Cosplay Proves the Full Horror of Her Only Weakness

A powerfully edited cosplay photograph shows just how terrifying being exposed to green Kryptonite can be for a Kryptonian like Supergirl.

This new Supergirl cosplay displays the full and horrific power of the Kryptonian’s major weakness: Kryptonite. A powerfully edited photograph shows just how terrifying being exposed to Kryptonite can be for someone like Supergirl. Despite her familiar powers and her popularity among fans, Supergirl has one of the more complicated character histories in DC Comics. Not only has the name “Supergirl” been shared by a few distinctly different characters, the original Supergirl’s history has fluctuated over the years.

The basics of Kara Zor-El’s origins remain the same: originally Superman’s older cousin, a teenaged Kara also escapes the destruction of Krypton, only to be lost in stasis for years. She arrives on Earth to find baby Kal-El to be much older than her—and to strange new powers. Like all Kryptonians, Supergirl only has a few weaknesses: among them red sunlight, magic, and, of course, Kryptonite of all variations. But green Kryptonite will always be the most well known Kryptonian weakness as well as the most dangerous.

That danger is on full display in this cosplay shoot edited by Instagram user Fassbender Photography. The shoot features Supergirl’s mid-2000s costume by cosplayer Tali in a photograph taken by D MacKenzie. But the scene truly comes to life through the cosplayer’s pose and the superb editing. Supergirl bends, clutching her head in pain as her eyes glow red, possibly outside of her control. She appears to be chained in a dungeon-like space, green Kryptonite crystals casting an eerie—and terrifying—glow around her.

This Supergirl Cosplay Shows the True Danger of Kryptonite
Even the most casual of Superman fans knows that Kryptonite is his one major weakness, and of course the same is true of his cousin, Supergirl. This cosplay and the fantastic editing done by Fassbender Photography show the viewer just how terrifying it must be for a Kryptonian to be stripped of their powers, and so of all their defenses. What’s more, the glow of Supergirl’s eyes in this photograph implies that, in her pain, she’s losing control of her powers—which is maybe even more terrifying than losing them.

If a Kryptonian is confronted with Kryptonite and suddenly can’t control their strength, their heat vision, or any of their other destructive powers, they could cause some real damage to themselves and those around them. This cosplay shoot displays the true horror of that scenario, and the cosplayer captures Supergirl’s terror in a heart-wrenching manner—something that wouldn’t be out of a place in any other Supergirl story.


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