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Steve Harvey Is Left Stunned After a ‘Family Feud’ Contestant Walks Off the Stage

Steve Harvey was temporarily left speechless after one particularly cringe-y answer during a round of Family Feud.

Contestants were asked to “name a reason a woman might not want her husband on her team for Family Feud.” Even though the Harris family started the game off strong, they earned two red Xs in a row with answers like “he likes the spotlight too much” and “sleeps too much.” But it wasn’t until Cynthia tried to get on the board that things got awkward… fast.

“She’s embarrassed by the way he looks,” Cynthia guessed, while standing next to her husband, Michael. Right away, the crowd gasped as Michael began to walk away from his microphone toward the center of the stage. Steve stood silently in disbelief until Michael started to wander back to his place with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, Mike. Yeah, yeah,” a stunned Steve said while turning to face the board. Unfortunately, Cynthia’s risky response didn’t earn the Harris crew any points, which meant it was time for the Crum family to give it a go. With just one guess, “he’s too competitive,” the Crums won the round and the rest of the board’s answers were revealed — “cheats at games,” “too smart,” “too racy,” “doesn’t listen,” and “blabs/secrets.”

The Crums’ win aside though, Family Feud viewers couldn’t stop talking about Cynthia’s guess and Michael’s reaction. “I don’t blame Michael. I’d be walking away too,” one fan wrote beneath the Youtube clip of the Family Feud round. “Glad he wasn’t really mad,” another inferred after watching the video. Meanwhile, a different fan joked, “How to start a family feud…”


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