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‘Severance’ star joins the cast of ‘Daredevil: Born Again’

The character is one of painfully few to get a continuation even after Netflix gave his original show the ax. The Netflix series lasted three seasons before the streamer called it quits, but Cox’s time in the cowl isn’t quite finished yet. He did such a stellar job as Matt Murdock Disney Plus decided to continue his story via a revamp of the series, titled Daredevil: Born Again.

The upcoming Disney Plus series will continue where the original left off, but fans are anticipating a pretty major shift in tone. The show maintained a dark overtone across its three seasons on Netflix, but Disney doesn’t tend to do dark. While some of its recent series—largely those connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe—sport darker themes, Daredevil already got a makeover ahead of his return to the small screen.

A number of Daredevil plot points are also likely to be abandoned, as Disney sets its sights on a new flavor, and careful tie-ins to the wider MCU. Fans are anticipating an almost entirely new direction for the series—likely a good thing—but several unresolved plot points are rankling longtime viewers.

One plot thread, in particular, is irritating viewers who were hoping for some kind of resolution. A scene from the Netflix series, shared to Reddit’s Marvel Studio’s sub, is sparking conversations, as fans wonder if the Chaste storyline will ever come back around.

A single screenshot told fans all they needed to know about the Daredevil scene, and sparked a passionate conversation in the post’s comments. The scene shows Stick, Matt’s teacher, situated across from a heavily muscled, scarred man with dark, wavy hair. The post’s title asks users to clarify who Stick is talking to, and fans are in almost universal agreement.

Most people believe the man in question is Stone, one of the Chaste. The ancient organization has been a staple of Marvel lore for decades now, and would have tied perfectly into the developing Daredevil storyline—and connected it to Iron Fist. Made up of a collection of capable warriors, the organization opposes the insidious Hand, and it was just getting a foothold when Netflix canceled the show.

The Chaste never really got purchase in Netflix’s Defenders Saga, and chances are good that we’ve seen the last of them. The version that appeared on Netflix, at least. Its possible that Disney will choose to reintroduce the Chaste at some point, but fans aren’t holding out much hope. It is far more likely that the dangling plot thread will remain unresolved, leaving fans to wonder after its potential.

Most fans are accepting the idea that the Chaste are simply dead—based on a line from Stick in The Defenders—and are trying to realign their expectations for Born Again. The series likely won’t contain any mention of Stone, or the ancient organization he fought to protect, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good.


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