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Kate Middleton thinks Meghan Markle drove a wedge between Harry and royal family?

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William have always treated Prince Harry as their best friend and always tried to make him feel blessed in their company with their loving and caring gestures, according to palace insiders.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have never spoken ill of the Duke and always valued Harry but the same cannot be said about Meghan Markle, who allegedly drove a wedge between the two brothers and also added fuel to the fire by her moves and comments about the royal family. Kate always tried to mend the broken bridges with his smile and soft nature to bring back two brothers and the family closer, but she seemingly failed as Harry sees the thing from Meghan’s eyes.

Following the latest bout of controversy surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Kate has viewed to keep an arm’s length from the couple following the latest revelations in Harry’s memoir Spare “Kate doesn’t even recognize this person Harry’s become,” an insider told He’s betrayed his own family and broken confidences by speaking out. The royal family’s response to Harry’s backstabbing has been to say nothing – but clearly, they think the world of Kate and are on her side.”

The Princess of Wales’ reaction to keep mum seems she cant do anything to bring Harry back to the track until the Duchess stops driving a wedge to worsen the situation. King Charles and the rest of the royal family perusing a very smart strategy of let the enemies making mistakes, as they are distancing themselves from the pair’s drama. According to another source, there are no contacts between the Sussexes and the royal family as lines of communication are totally over now.


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