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Is Family Guy coming to Fortnite?

If My Hero Academia can do it, so can Family Guy. Fortnite collaborations have turned into an essential part of every season. As soon as a new line of skins become available, the rumor mill starts to turn for the next one. Most recently, fans have been speculating whether Family Guy could be the franchise that could make its way to Fortnite. A Peter Griffin skin has been a hot debate in the community since 2021, as there have been multiple leaks hinting at the new potential skin line by Epic Games.

Though Epic hasn’t made an official statement regarding a collab with Family Guy, multiple leaks suggest the developer may have something special brewing for the 21st season of the long-running animated comedy series. In April 2022, a file named “Family Guy” was spotted on a developer’s monitor during a State of Unreal showcase. On top of the file name, leaks suggested a skin, code-named FrenchFry, was in the works. The immense number of leaks makes it look like a Fortnite x Family Guy collab could already be a done deal, but fans will still need to wait for an official word.

If the collaboration becomes a reality, Epic could consider releasing the Family Guy skins in May 2023 as the show releases its final episodes for its latest season. Like some of the recent high-profile collaborations, Epic could spice up the release with a special event featuring new quests and potential in-game items too. Gaming has become an incredibly popular pastime for millions of people. There’s no better fun on the internet than sitting down with your favorite video games, whether it be playing single-player adventures, grinding characters in MMOs, or improving your skills in multiplayer PvP games.

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Trading and selling items
Many games nowadays have in-game economies. While it may sound strange, the rarity of certain items in popular video games helps to create an ecosystem of people willing to buy, sell, and trade for items and real-life currency. The best example is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin economy, but there are plenty of other examples, whether they be in FPS games or MMOs.

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